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  1. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It’s been an exciting week for us. This past Friday, we celebrated our FIVE year anniversary with the release of REBELS, Silver Monarchs, Rebel Uncut Sheets, and Regeneration by Blake Vogt! For this week's SNC, you're going to need Instagram - a free photo app for your iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android. If you don't have it already, get Instagram here, and follow theory11.

    Using the Instagram App, your challenge this week is to take a picture of your FAVORITE deck from theory11. That’s it! Creativity counts - make your picture unique, striking, and memorable. You want your image to stand out!

    Once you capture your picture, post it with the hashtag #theory11 in the caption so we can find it. If we can't find it, we can't judge it! Post a link to your image in response to THIS forum thread to make sure it's included for judging. Your deadline: 24 hours from right now, at 7:30pm EDT on Sunday, September 9th.

    As decided by our judging panel, the most creative, coolest photo will take home the prize: a 6 pack of Rebels, a 6 pack of Silver Monarchs, AND Regeneration by Blake Vogt - shipped on the house! A lot is up for grabs this week, so make it happen! You have 24 hours! Limit of THREE submissions per member.

    Very excited to see all of your entries! For now, start shooting!

    UPDATE :: The deadline has officially passed! Judging in progress. Our winner will be posted at 11:00pm EDT tonight!
  2. Can we upload our 3 entries of our 3 pictures to YouTube instead, I'm not allowed instagram
  3. Snc

    Does it have to b a theory11 deck?
  4. Yes. Capture your favorite theory11 deck to win! :)
  5. this is a theory11 contest so most probably yes
  6. Does JAQK deck count as a T11 deck?
  7. I expect so because it was being sold by t11
  8. Unfortunately no. This specific contest requires Instagram in order to ensure that everyone is using the same program for maximum fairness. While the app itself is free, you will need an iPhone, iPod Touch, or Android phone to participate this week! If we allowed other apps, or Photoshop, it'd be a less even playing field.
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  10. Yes, it counts!
  11. I understand, good luck to everyone, good night now :)
  12. Does that mean if we don't have an iPhone, iPod touch or Android that has a camera, we cant enter?

    Edit: Never mind, I'll see what I can do though.
  13. my order has not arrived yet so i guess i cant participate this week...oh well :(
  14. Unfortunately yes. In the past we have had picture contests in which Photoshopping was used to increase their chances of winning. Instagram makes it an even playing field so it is fair for everyone.
  15. All 3 of my entries are Uploaded!
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