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    Hey everyone!

    I hope you all are having a great weekend! I has been FOREVER since I last ran an SNC for you. Did you miss me? Casey is out for this week, so you get a rare chance to see my handsome face. Ready to have some fun? Here we go!

    I just pulled two cards from an extremely normal, not super-secret, totally already released deck of cards (You will hear more about this deck VERY soon, but not today). Your job is to correctly predict which two cards I pulled out of the deck (No Jokers or Ad cards). Each member gets two guesses, so make them count! The format of your prediction should look like this:

    Card 1: (insert card here)
    Card 2: (insert card here)

    Card 1: (insert card here)
    Card 2: (insert card here)

    Your guesses should be posted in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, November 3rd. After time is up, we will go through all predictions and find our winner. The first person to correctly guess or come the closest to guessing the 2 cards will walk home with the prize!

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points and a deck of the recently teased newest member of the Monarch Family, shipped on the house BEFORE the public release next week!

    Good luck!

    // L
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  2. Jack of Clubs
    2 of Diamonds

    Ace of Hearts
    5 of Spades

    Good Luck!!
  3. Lyle Where's Casey if you don't mind my asking?
  4. Casey is taking some personal time this week. Don't worry, he will be back in action before you know it!

    // L
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  5. Cool.. And we did miss you... It has been about 4 years since you last did an SNC. I checked.:D
  6. I told you, AGES, haha.

    // L
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  7. Card 1: (7 clubs)
    Card 2: (J diamond)

    Card 1: (9 spade)
    Card 2: (4 heart)
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  8. Wow good contest!

    Card 1: 2 of hearts
    Card 2: queen of diamonds

    Card 1: 8 of clubs
    Card 2: 10 of spades
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  9. Card 1: (Four of Clubs)
    Card 2: (Nine of Diamonds)

    Card 1: (Seven of Hearts)
    Card 2: (Two of Spades)

    This should be fun!
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  10. Q of D
    4 of S

    Q of H
    J of S
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  11. Card 1. Seven of hearts
    Card 2. Nine of Diamonds

    Card 1. King of Diamonds
    Card 2. Six of clubs
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  12. J of clubs
    8 of diamonds

    K of hearts
    7 of hearts
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  13. Card 1: Queen of Diamonds
    Card 2: 2 of Clubs

    Card 1: 10 of Clubs
    Card 2: 6 of Spades
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  14. Three of hearts
    Seven of spades

    Three of diamonds
    Seven of clubs
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  15. Card 1: 5 clubs
    Card 2: 8 diamonds

    Card 1: 4 spades
    Card 2: 9 hearts
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  16. Card 1: Jack of Spades
    Card 2: 4 of Clubs

    Card 1: King of Hearts
    Card 2: 3 of Clubs
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  17. Card 1: 2 of Diamonds
    Card 2: 7 of Clubs

    Card 1: 9 of Hearts
    Card 2: King of Diamonds
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  18. Card 1. King of clubs
    Card2. Seven of Diamonds

    Card 1. Queen of Hearts
    Card 2. Ace of Spades

    Looking forward to the new Monarchs
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  19. Card 1: 8 clubs
    Card 2: 6 of Hearts

    Card 1: 9 diamonds
    Card 2: 10 diamonds
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  20. Card 1: 7 of Hearts
    Card 2: Queen of Clubs

    Card 1: 9 of Diamonds
    Card 2: 4 of Clubs
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