Saturday Night Contest: Card Throwing

Oct 11, 2010
As we do in my country and I would still say you're not 8 feet from the hat. But I shan't be one to throw rocks without authority, so I'll let due process take its course and stay out of it.

I wouldn't judge you to be more than 1,70-1,80 cm from that hat and 8 feet is about 2,5 meters.


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Apr 7, 2012
Here is my entry, I apologize for the angle. I didn't notice how weird it was until I finished it, so this is what I've got to deal with unfortunately.

I made sure to count all of the cards in the end, just to make sure you saw how many I landed in the box. I start throwing at :03 and finish at :57, so I'm still under a minute. I counted 36 in the end, but there were some pretty crazy ricochets in there, so it's more like 27-28. You can decide which number you like better but that's my entry, cheers.


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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Alright guys, time for the results!

We enjoyed viewing everybody's entries, and we are thankful to everyone who participated this week! Thanks to everyone for taking on the challenge; it was fun watching you guys attempt it!

Now onto the winner. This was very difficult to judge, and we viewed each entry over and over to make sure we were judging solely based on the criteria that was listed in the original post, as well as the additional criteria that was stated in my previous posts. With that said, the member who demonstrated his accuracy the best with the best number of cards made is rob_tabris! Congrats! Please send a message to our support crew with all of your info so we can get your prize out to you ASAP!

We determined the best accuracy by determining who used ricochet to their advantage, versus those who did NOT use any ricochet to assist them with their shots. We placed the edge to the ones who didn't use ricochet, as it shows more accurate shots. Not using ricochet was the key in determining the winner for this week, as it seems more than fair.

An honorable mention goes to Pav, who made this extremely hard to judge. Pav had the most makes in a minute or less, but his high use of ricochet on both sides of the wall assisted him in getting his shots. Nevertheless, it was a great entry, and thank you for entering this week!

As I said, it was really hard to come to this decision, but we feel that Rob demonstrated the best accuracy because he did not use anything to assist him in making his cards. Thanks again to everyone who entered this week. We can't wait to see you guys back this Saturday for a whole new contest! :)
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Apr 7, 2012
Bah, I knew the ricochets would be my downfall. Nevertheless, it was a fun contest, congratulations to the winner. :)
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