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  1. Tonight's Saturday Night Contest will be hosted by Mr. Andrei Jikh. We have done this idea once before - and it was a blast. So we're revisiting the concept tonight. There is no excuse not to participate, so read the rules below and jump in!

    The challenge is a card lottery. At 11:00pm EST tonight, Andrei Jikh will be provided a shuffled, mixed, complete deck of 52 cards. The deck will already be shuffled. Andrei will make a short flourish video tonight demonstrating some random, freestyle moves. At the end of that video, Andrei will raise and display the TOP card of the deck. Your challenge is to be the first to tell us what card that is.

    If multiple people guess the same card, EVERYONE that guesses the correct card will win. Here's the catch, though - you only get ONE guess. Limit of one submission per member - and we will be monitoring accounts and IP addresses to ensure everything is above board. And of course, you must post your guess for the suit and value of the card.

    Our winner(s) tonight will take home a sealed deck of exclusive White Centurions. Only 1,100 were printed, and the remaining quantity has been kept sealed in the theory11 warehouse for over a year now. Good luck, and let the games begin!
  2. I'll go 3 of clubs.
  3. King of Spades
  4. seven of spades
  5. 2 of hearts
  6. 5 of Diamonds
  7. Jack of Diamonds
  8. My guess is the 4 of Clubs.
  9. 10 of hearts
  10. queen of spades
    my lucky card :p
  11. 7 of clubs
  12. dont get me wrong, thats sure that it will be 9 <3.
  13. Four of diamonds

    We get 52 guesses right?
  14. 4 of Diamonds
  15. My favorite card: 9 of Spades :D
  16. I shall guess eight of spades.
  17. 2 of hearts
  18. 2 of Hearts.
  19. nine of hearts
  20. King of diamonds!!

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