Saturday Night Contest - Cardistry Multitask!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, May 9, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, hope you all are having a great start to the weekend! Throughout the past week I've been noticing how much I do Cardistry while I'm multi-tasking, like when I eat with one hand and do one handed cuts in the other. When I am waiting in loading screens or editing videos I will grab a deck and do some Cardistry. This idea is what inspired this week's challenge.

    I went ahead and made my own video doing Cardistry while driving to showcase what I'm talking about (note: please do NOT try this yourself, very dangerous).

    Your challenge this week is to perform Cardistry while multi-tasking. It can be while you are eating, doing your homework, on the computer, or by doing something outside the box like riding a unicycle/pogo stick, playing basketball or soccer, etc. Anything goes as long as you are also performing Cardistry at the same time. However, there is one rule: be safe. Don't do cardistry while driving or anything that might be dangerous!

    Upload your multi-task performance to YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram and post the link in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 10th. Once time is up, our panel of judges will go through all submissions and decide on a winner. Judging criteria for this week will be as follows: the winner will be chosen based on whose entry is the most impressive/difficult, and execution.

    What will the winner take home? 1,000 Elite Member Points, and a 6 Pack of NoMad Playing Cards, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world.

    We look forward to seeing what crazy stuff you guys can do. Good luck!
  2. Ha I haven't seen that move done in ages!
  3. Good luck to all involved this week!
  4. If im not wrong this is my 6th entry to SNC since
    hopefully this will be the first time i win xD
    Good luck all :D
    Here is my entry

  5. flourishing whilst doing sit-ups watch full screen
  6. My entry to the contest! :) Took me the whole day to plan, film and edit, but the result is really cool in my opinion. Look for yourself here:
    Good Luck, everybody! By the way, everything was completely safe, nobody was ever in danger during the filming. ;)
  7. Good luck to everyone who enters!
  8. Wow thank you guys so much for your submissions! Glad to know we're all equally crazy doing what we love. Cardistry is clearly a big part of our every day routines so it was great to see that!

    That said, here's a few shout outs and submissions that stood out to us: (riding on a bicycle, epic!) & (flappy birdistry!). Awesome front flip officalmikayla!

    As always though, we can only pick one to take home the prize so without further do, please join us in congratulating rosty0731 for his amazing cardistry while doing some insane soccer moves ( A combination of simultaneous hand and leg work is super crazy. We're very impressed! Congrats, please contact our support team to claim your prize, you certainly deserve it!

    Looking forward to doing more fun cardistry contests like this in the future and thanks again to everyone for participating!!
  9. Great stuff everyone!
  10. This was a beast of a challenge this week. Great job to everyone that participated.

    And congrats to Rosty0731 for the win, the points, and the 6 decks

  11. Thank you very much and all participants! This is my first win in SNC!

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