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    Hey everyone, welcome to another edition of our weekly Saturday Night Contests! This week's contest is a cardistry competition - so get your hands warmed up and ready. This past week, Instagram launched a new feature: videos. And this week, we want to take it for a spin (pun intended). You'll need Instagram to participate in this particular event. If you don't have it already, you can download it now on any iOS or Android device.

    The challenge this week is simple: show us your skills. Make a video on Instagram showcasing your favorite cardistry moves, and make it great. From a simple Charlier Cut sequence to the most complex flourish combo routine - anything goes, but bonus points for creativity. Some quick tips: find a cool location to film, use cool, dramatic lighting, and make sure your moves look smooth, polished, and epic!

    You have 24 hours to make it happen. After you film your video, post it on Instagram and tag it with #theory11 - then if possible, post the link in response to THIS forum thread, just to make sure we see your entry. If we can't see it, we can't judge it. Our deadline is 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, June 30th. Limit of two entries per member, and all videos must be new and posted between now and the contest deadline.

    What's the prize, you ask? 1,000 Elite Member Points and a six pack of White Artisans - shipped on the house anywhere in the world.

    Make it happen and take home the prize!
  2. Good luck, everyone!
  3. I feel like D&D did something like this recenty. Regardless, good luck to everyone cant wait to see what You guys have
  4. Excited to see all of the entries for this! Going to try my best!
  5. Awesome contest! May the best hands win! I'm very happy Andrei is HOSTING this contest, because if he were to enter, all of us would lose.

    Haha - good luck everyone!
  6. Why does it have to be posted on instagram?
  7. Just to provide a level playing field, for this contest - with everyone having access to the same editing features so the focus is on the moves and skills, not the editing programs. With Instagram, the specifications are uniform: 15 seconds max, with (or without) the few filters included in the app.
  8. entry

    i just got into cardistry and this is my entry entry which contains a series of flourishes from Andrei Jikh like bullet, one card twirl, bone hos angel and many more hope you enjoy hear is my entry
  9. yes they did, its happening this week , they made a contest announcement on google+
  10. Does this HAVE to be on Instagram? I want to participate in this one but I don't have my iPhone anymore. Is it imperative that the 15 second video be an "Instagram" 15 second video?

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