Saturday Night Contest - Collective Brainstorm : Round Two

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  1. 'Tis Saturday night and, as such, it's time for another edition of our weekly contest. Last year, daniel+Madison hosted an SNC designed to get your creative juices flowing. Today, we carry on that tradition with round two of the Collective Brainstorm sessions.

    The challenge this week is to create and film the best magic effect using one of, any of, or all of, the following five random objects: a cell phone, a single playing card, a rubberband, an envelope, and a key. You can use two of those objects, three of those objects, four of those objects, or all of them; it's your choice. Just to review: one cell phone, one playing card, one rubberband, one envelope, one key. Major points for originality, but the effect does not need to be completely original - we're just looking for creativity.

    Some examples? Tear a single playing card into four separate pieces. The pieces go into a completely empty envelope - then slowly removed to show the playing card has been restored. Visually bend a house key, then restore it. Link an ordinary key onto a rubberband, then unlink it and show both to be normal and fair. Place the cell phone in a large envelope, then crumple up the envelope - vanishing the phone. The possibilities are endless - there are merely some ideas to get your creative juices flowing.

    Note that you can utilize other objects, if necessary - as long as the five primary visible tools are the aforementioned objects. How you make the magic happen is in your hands. All entries should be uploaded to either YouTube, Vimeo, or and submitted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST, for judging. The winner tonight will receive a six pack of the recently released Bicycle 125's, on the house. Good luck!

    UPDATE :: Winners posted here. See the winning submission and honorable mentions.
  2. *Starts to get creative juices flowing*

    Sweet contest by the way!

  3. Darn, unless I can throw something together in the next 5 minutes I'll have to pass on this one.
  4. When you say we can only use those items, is that in terms of method or effect?
    for example your torn and restored would take two cards but the audience only sees one.
  5. Here's a question I have. Would it be a valid entry if we do an effect that uses a playing card and a rubberband but the method uses 2 rubberbands and only 1 of them is visible at any given time?
  6. Effect - only effect. If you're doing an effect that appears to only use one playing card but actually involves 36 cards and a male zebra, that is okay as long as the effect only APPEARS to involve one playing card. We're not going to be too strict on the requirements as long as the dominant objects utilized are those mentioned: one cell phone, one playing card, one rubberband, one envelope, one key. You don't need to use them all, of course.
  7. I'm pretty excited as this will be my first theory 11 contest. I have a great idea just hope it works out. Thanks!
  8. As this is my first I was wondering if we were allowed to submit more than one video. Thanks!
  9. I prefer female zebras, but I suppose your point is valid...
  10. Haha I'm looking forward to this contest
  11. basically same here. i have 2 effects i can think of doing too. ugg wel li'll figure it out haha
  12. It won't be considered unoriginal if we use one of the examples, will it? Although I could have put an extra twist in there....[/thought]

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  14. I see what you were trying to do there, but as it so happened, I was thinking of the Queen of clubs. :D Impressed me a lot, until I realized it wasn't the card you intended, and that it was pure coincidense. Or was it? ;)
  15. coincidence but i showed it to some of my friends and 2 other people also though of the Queen of Clubs also
  16. Not at all - we offered up those examples as ideas you can certainly draw inspiration from and use. We didn't mention any methods, so I trust that even if two people select the same idea, the technique would differ at least in part. Excited to see what you come up with.
  17. The suggestion you used wasn't performed well enough. It probably was but the camera angle caused you to suggest a spades and since you said not to think of the Ace of spades, clubs was naturally the next choice... and since the queen's... the queen... yea...
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    Not exactly the most practical routine out there, but I think it has some interesting ideas in there. Uses four out of the five permissible items.

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