Saturday Night Contest - Create a Flourish!

May 12, 2012

This flourish is called S.W.A.C (Some Wierd Ass Cut). came up with the concept of spinning a packet 360 degrees around my middle finger, and this contest gave me a reason to create it! i dont flourish regularly but i do enjoy learning them and trying to come up with my own. Enjoy!!
Feb 18, 2011
Here is a little cool flourish I came up with for this event! :D

Two cards over lap one another smoothly on top of one hand, ending in a cool display.

( Take note I am wearing a giant bunny head during this entire shoot, so it was difficult to see )

Watch in HD! wooo

ENJOY! ^_^

Link -
Jul 11, 2012
Just for fun, i'll participate xD, this is kinda knacky but i think it's cool


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Sep 2, 2007
Las Vegas
Wow! So many great submissions, thank you guys so much for participating. I saw a lot of awesome new flourishes that I have never seen before. Lots of great ideas out there! It's nice to be reminded that cardistry has only seen the tip of the iceberg.

Before we get into the winner, here are some submissions that caught my eye. Franky (awesome move), Bazu, Formula, Tobias (beast!!), Tutankameen, Domo (awesome chair fan! love it!), ATH (great one handed work, super cool), DNG, and Wongster88 (great isolation work). This contest was truly very difficult to judge. We based our decision off of creativity, originality, uniqueness and execution. That said, our winner for this week's Saturday Night Contest is Deckster with post #46! Amazing, love that move! Very unique and great execution! Would love a tutorial!

Please congratulate the winner for an awesome entry and a job well done. Please contact our support team to claim your prize (6 Rebels, 6 Silver Monarchs and 1,000 points to spend toward the ARCHIVE). Thank you guys again for all your submissions!
Sep 15, 2012
I know that it's too late. But I just wanna post it.


By the way, congrats to the winner. You're so amazing guys.!

(Sorry if my grammar isn't right, I don't speak english.)
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