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  1. It's been 4 weeks since we posted our last roundtable discussion, so we thought it was time to break out the microphone and kick things off with a fresh session tonight. Tonight's guest is an icon of modern magic and an inspiration to the next generation of magicians. He consulted for David Blaine's most recent television special, and he has lectured at pretty much every magic convention under the sun (including Magic-Con 2010). His name? Daniel Garcia.

    We're here tonight primarily to talk about one thing. Actually, three things - the Daniel Garcia Projects 4, 5, and 6 volumes. They're coming soon, and theory11 has the exclusive download rights on all three. Tonight is your chance to ask DG any question you desire - whether that be about the upcoming set or any other topic on your mind. Ask about the creative process, your favorite DG releases, his goals for the future, and the contents of 4-6.

    Anything is fair game. Questions must be submitted on or before 11:00pm EST tonight for consideration. The best of the best questions will be answered in a podcast to be posted later this evening. Limit of THREE questions per member, so choose your questions wisely and let's have a fun, interactive, intellectual discussion.

    One random member who participates tonight will receive the new DGP set as a download, sent on the house immediately following the release.
  2. 1. You're a funny guy, what was your funniest performance?
    2. Who was the most famous person you performed for?
    3. Favorite knuckle busting move!
  3. What made you took so long on making this DGP projects ,again?

    Any moves that are as powerful as the "EGO ONES"?

    PLEASE READ : Como te gustan tus chilaquiles? , How do you like chilaquiles?ninja style?
  4. JB, im gonna steal your idea:

    1: Danny, what is your creative process?
    2: will there be any rubber band magic on 4-6?
    3: Do you plan on releasing "7-9" in the future?
  5. 1. What makes you want to release so much of your material?

    2. Did you plan on releasing six DPG's when you first started?

    3. With all the genres of magic that you perform, which is your favorite?
  6. 1. Are you really good with nunchuks?
    2. What inspired you to create pressure?
    3. what is your closing trick in your close up routine?
  7. Hey Danny (Or inferior robot impersonator of Danny)

    I'm sure as a creative person, it's incredibly easy to create LOTS of crap (and I'm not implying you do create crap by any means) just saying. How do you decide what you want to perform for an audience? Is it whether or not it looks good, feels comfortable, or whether or not you feel the audience should really care about what you perform? I hope that made sense.
  8. Although a professional and I must say one of my favorite magicians... Who inspires you to keep doing magic.
    At what age did you start?
    What is something we should really be looking foward to in your new set of dvds that you can consider some of your favorite parts of it?
  9. 1. What's your favorite effect ? (Yours or by someone else)
    2. Do you think comedy with magic takes away from the impact of the magic ?
    3. How many effects do you think is good to perform for a random spectator until it starts to be boring for them at that time ?
  10. 1: What do you think is the most effective trick??

    2: What site is the best. Ellusionist or Theory11???

    3: What did you do before, under and after your made up your effects. What i'm trying to say, what do you do to make up your tricks.
  11. 1) How do you make up your own effects?
    2) What's your funniest experience from performing?
    3) Where do you like performing most?
  12. 1. To you, what does creativity mean? Is everyone born with the same amount of creativity and if not, then is it possibly to build up creativity?

    2. Who do you think, if anybody, surpasses you in the form of having a creative mind?

    3. What do you think about extremely hard moves like the Bottom Deal, Pass, or Riffle Cull?
  13. Danny

    1) why didn't you name the change "the wiggle" like you said you were going to haha?

    2) How much has your accident effected your direction in magic and your dedication to moving forward?

    3) You are well known as a magic creator, but also as one of the most entertaining and... ENERGETIC performers. Which do you prefer and why? How important is one aspect to the other?
  14. 1. When did you first started magic?
    2. What type of magic do you like best? (card trick, coin tricks, rubber band,etc.)
    3. What was your inspiration to become a magician?
  15. 1.For how long have you been working on this Project?
    2.When you decide ok Im gonna create a new effect, how long does it actually takes you to create a new effect?
    3.Piracy has affected the magic industry in the same way it has affected the movie and music industries,whats your take on piracy in magic?
  16. 1. When you have an idea for an effect, do you latch onto a certain move you wanna use to achieve it, or are you open to totally change your idea to accomplish the desired trick?

    2. What is your favorite effect from the upcoming DGP set?
  17. 1. What inspires you to create each magical idea and product?
    2. What is the one tip of advice that you'd give to any magician, beginner or pro?
    3. What is the potential future of magic and where is it going?

    Thank you DG for your time, legacy and input in the world of magic!
  18. Uno) You are a funny guy, but there are comedy magicians who use magic as a way to get laughs. In other words, they put the comedy before the magic. Do you believe in this method of performing and what are your thoughts on this?

    Dos) You are seen very much a creator in the magic industry, does creating give you more of a "high" than performing, or do you like performing more?

    Tres) Do you have any other interests other than magic, and do these interests help inspire your magic and creation of new effects?
  19. 1. How long do you "test" a trick before you decide to release it?

    2. Even though you're a working magician, do you ever just go out and hit the streets to stay sharp?

    3. What kind of magic do you see yourself performing in 5, 10, and 15+ years?
  20. Obviously, Danny, you have been doing and creating magic for a longtime; have you ever experienced a "creative block" where you feel there is a lack of inspiration? If so how do you get over it? And have you ever felt that you needed to take a break from magic in general?

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