Saturday Night Contest - Daniel Garcia Roundtable

Hello Danny (or person who is going to read these to Danny),

1. What is the oldest effect that you learned/created that you still perform today? (Kind of two questions in one; which is the oldest that you created, and which is the oldest that you didn't create.)
2. If I remember correctly I remember hearing about how you get ideas for tricks from everywhere and sometimes the most random things. What is the most random thing that has given you inspiration for a trick and/or what was the craziest idea for a trick you had?
3. What is that one trick, to date, that you saw a performed (live or not) that just completely fooled you? Like not just the method but like the effect just shocked you so much that what you just saw was real and just happened. (Like a brick hitting you in the face :p)
Jun 22, 2010
1 do you perform more to friends and family than strangers on the street
2 what effect do you perform the most from these new volumes
3 what is the hardest sleight you can do and why is it hard for you
Jul 17, 2010
Hey, what's good Danny!

1. How do you deal with hecklers? people who want to touch the cards and stuff?
2. How often do you perform for friends? cause if you do this for a living, like you do.. you're pretty much doing all this for free? when do you draw the line? 1 or 2 effects? or no line at all? (assuming of course you get paid gigs here and there lol)
3. For an aspiring creator of the art, what's your advice in going about marketing their ideas?

thanks doggy! pc;.
Jul 7, 2008
What is your advise for young magician out there ? Any plans having a lecture in Asia ? Which magician you think it's the worst ?
Oct 15, 2008
1. How can the new project help younger magicians with magic, besides just teaching material?
2. A question about your creative process. What was the hardest trick to find a method for, that's on this set.
3. Did magic help you become popular in high school? were you one of the cool kids?

P.S. will you be releasing your version of sam the bellhop?
Nov 8, 2007
1.What effect, that you have created, were you most conflicted about releasing to the magic community and why did you eventually decide to release it?

2. What is the most meaningful magic moment you have created for someone through a performance?

3. Why magic? Out of all the crafts and art-forms you could have pursued the way you have magic--why magic?

Thanks! :)
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Apr 20, 2010
For the purposes of science, please recite my question in the form of a rap.

Yo what's up Danny,
your technique is uncanny,
your videos always cover [pause] every nook-and-cranny.
But the question I assert,
is because my spectators are inert,
how did you become such an excellent extrovert?
Thanks for helping me out,
you're the reason my love is devout,
to learn what you're all about,
because you're all in, and I'm all out.

Godspeed, JB.
Sep 1, 2007
New York
Your new set includes some iPhone effects. Do you intend to be creating more magic that's based around technology, and what new platforms, devices, or areas of technology do you think are or will be fertile ground for future magic invention?
Sep 6, 2010
1. Do you share your idea for an effect with other magicians hoping that they will help you make it better, or do you think that a magician might steal your effect and call it their own?

2. Are there any tricks that you created as a teenager that you still do today?

3. How do you transition from a card effect to a coin effect or vise versa?
SNC Questions

hello Daniel Garcia,
I have 3 questions as well
1. Just before your about to perform magic for a group of strangers, what is your mindset before performing?
2. What is important to remember while performing a set? In terms of behavor toward the crowd.
3. What was the greatest advice you got in the magic? and why is it important to you?

take care daniel
Shark Wayne
Apr 25, 2010
1)Do you have a lot of unpublished material?
2)What is the scariest experience you have ever been in?
3)Did you enjoy getting pied in the face up at Sorcerers Safari? and are you coming back?
Aug 14, 2010
New Zealand
1. What age did you start magic; age when you learned your first trick and age when you got into magic seriously
2. What was the first trick you ever learnt
3. What is your 'favourite' trick
Jan 5, 2009
Small town Ohio
Do you still get nervous before a performance?

What is your criteria for a good trick?

If you had the opportunity to meet and perform for any person alive or dead, who would it be?


Elite Member
Jun 18, 2008
Los Angeles, CA
1. I know you work with various companies when you release different products. What influences your decision on producing your products with the different companies?

2. Which do you enjoy more - Creating magic effects, or performing?
Jan 30, 2010
Tusk, North Carolina
1. Do you ever work on one-liners for your routines?

2. Do you have any tips on getting jobs at restaurants?

3. In what way do you approach practicing a move, from first learning it to performance, to extra applications?

(Optional 4th. Can you teach us to be awesome ninjas like yourself?)
Dec 16, 2008
Toledo, OH
1. being a Latino performer, do you feel any more pressure in the magic community?
2. do you feel that your first three DGP's have more of your personality or the new set?
3 what was your most memorable/favorite thing working with david blaine?
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