Saturday Night Contest : David Blaine Edition

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  1. In celebration of the Split Spade Lions release this past Friday, and DB's breathhold stunt live on Wednesday, this week's Saturday Night Contest sports a David Blaine theme.

    The details of the contest are discussed in this media section video just posted by Wayne Houchin. Check it.

    All submissions must be in on or before 11:00pm EST in response to this forum thread, and winner takes home a 6 pack of Split Spade Lions, color of your choice.
  2. First! woot!
  3. awesome. i canit wait to think up something
  4. awe4some. my entry is filmed...but I might re-film it... do something else... I hurt myself, and then it turns out that I wen't in frame so I had to do it again >_<
  5. #1) One man one tv every episode of Oprah.... and Dr. Phil
  6. 1. Wearing hot pink high heel shoes (3 inches) with Dan White on his back. Running from New Jersey to New York.
  7. w00t! Awesome cards followed by an awesome contest.

  8. 1. "I, David Blaine, will be attempting to hang myself, by my underwear from a giant crane in times square while bouncing up and down, for one week. This is going to break the world record for the worlds longest wedgie. I'm gonna need some Preperation H after this..."
  9. Entry One

    "dont blink, dont walk away, what you are about to see is not an illusion, it is a testament to human will and the power of the mind and body. David Blaine will be locked in a room with Dana Hocking, and attempt to resist the urge to call him a girl for as long as possible, Should he succeed, and resist this urge for an entire day, he will not only be the first person to ever accomplish this feat, but also, Dana may cry"
  10. am I the only one actually doing my stunt? lol. not too funny, but my fall it quite humorous...editing now....
  11. Entry 2

    David Blaines next stunt is the hardest to date. David will attempt to carry on a conversation with a spectator with not only inflection iin his words but also occasionally changing tone and sounding dififerent

    ps, love your work david not meant as rude, you are a great magician and performer please dont make me disappear
  12. Alright. scine my entry isn;t very funny, I will post it. but not as my entry....

    (When did it say we get three entry's?)

    David blaine, will attempt to perform the amazing stunt of watching Criss angels show over and over until he becomes one of many youtube clones, but he will create an account under the name 'MadD' and wear a mask of his own face....
  13. 2. David Blaine is now going to attempt his greatest stunt ever...He is up there, in a plane at 37,000 feet, from where he will parachute into the middle of times square. What's the catch? That's an easy one...he's not wearing a parachute.
  14. Entry one: "I, David Blaine, will eat my own face."

    ...someone had to do it.

  15. 1. Guys, just found this on NBC's website:

    David Blaine's Ultimate Stunt

    David Blaine will be attempting a stunt that no man has ever done.

    The stunt will last a period of seven days. It will take place in Time Square in New York City.

    David will begin by standing on a tower of eggs in their cartons that is four stories high. Aproximately one baagillion eggs will be under Blaine. He will stand perfectly still for those seven days. During the week, David will be forced to listen to 80's hair metal music and occasionally live penguins will be launched at him from a catapult. David will also be performing multiple card tricks during the time he is not dodging penguins and banging his head. At the end of seven days he will jump off of the eggs into a pool filled with ice and will remain there for 24 hours while he hangs out with the penguins.

    Check it out live next Friday!
  16. 1) David Blaine must be able to perform each flourish off the System and trilogy in 24 hours at Dan and Dave Speed

    2) David Blaine must not use camera tricks for the next TV Special to officially own Criss Angel at life.

    3) David Blaine has to go on a 48 epic hour journey in the search of the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and successfully steal it from the evil leprechaun.

    Good Luck everyone!
  17. David Blaine has to keep a straight face while Jonathan Bayme says his corny jokes/lines for an ENTIRE DAY!!!!:D
  18. I'm ashamed in myself for this one... but:

    1: Carry on a logical conversation with George W. Bush, for over a minute.
  19. 1) David Blaine will not close his eyes as he watches Dana Hocking change her clothes.
  20. i was busting up laughing at that!! :D

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