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  1. Over the past year, we've released a number of tricks and techniques with a mentalism style. From Shredder to Sneak Peek, Out of My Mind to Colorblind to Phantom - these are all powerful, simple mentalism concepts that have potential to blow people away - speechless. On October 31st, we'll be releasing THE CODE - a project 18 months in the making with Andy Nyman, writer and director for Derren Brown's new stage show.

    Tonight's challenge is about a demonstration of the mind. Specifically, your mind. The challenge is simple: perform a mentalism effect for a real audience (or just a single spectator) - and post your video in response to this forum thread.

    Your effect can be any type of mental magic effect - any sort of prediction, mind reading, red/black divination, or beyond. Creativity counts, but your effect does not need to be an original creation. For example, you could very well perform Shredder, get an incredible reaction, and take home the prize!

    What we're looking for: proper technique, captivating presentation, and clear impact on the spectator watching. Make their mind explode! Of course, bonus points if you mix your own unique spin or original presentation.

    You have 24 hours to make it happen. ANY mentalism effect - old or new - simple or complex. But videos must be uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo and posted in response to this forum thread on or before 7:30pm EST tomorrow - Sunday.

    What's up for grabs? First Prize: a pre-release, advanced copy of The Code by Andy Nyman, shipped on the house anywhere in the world. And 1,000 Elite Member Points. Second Prize: six pack of Artisans, shipped on the house, and 250 Elite Member Points.
  2. The best contest I'm sure everyone will have fun
  3. does (Acaan) trick counts
  4. Of course!
  5. Is it ok if your doing it to an audience over camera like face time or skype but your still doing it for people and it's still a mentalism trick is that still ok?
  6. Surely - any mentalism effect performed for any audience, as long as they're watching live - is fair game.
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  8. Does it have to be a new upload?
  9. Figures this would come up the weekend when I don't have access to my preferred video equipment.

    Never let it be said I'm a poor sport. You actually took a suggestion (whether from myself or someone else), so I'll ante up. I'll see what I can do Sunday morning to get a video together of my lie detector test. Video and sound quality will likely be crap, but sometimes that's the way things go.
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    Casually...I had a Mentalism show some hours ago (usually I can never participate in SNC because I have gigs...but this time I think it was great luck!!) and I recorded the video accordingly...unfortunately for almost all... the video is in spanish, but it was recorded in a small theater and basically it´s a mental image replication...I´ll try to explain it so you who doesn´t know spanish can at least have a good idea of what I am saying...

    I ask spectators to name several places where they would like to be in the future or a place where they have been and loved it...then all of them are written on pieces of paper and then put inside a box, an spectator is invited to the front and take one of the pieces and read it, I ask her to form a mental image in their mind of the place, maybe a popular image or if she has been in the place the better...

    She is seated I then I ask her 3 questions that are not directly related to the place:

    1.- is the place near or far?
    2.- have you been there?
    3.- is it outside or the inside of a building?

    this is in order to form a clear mental image of the place...then slowly I start to reproduce it in a paper with some carbon...(actually around the half I joke if somebody put Tepetongo (a famous water park) I could have some trouble drawing it)... the whole time she has their eyes covered, so that the place is completely free and fair... after I am done drawing the place (you will recognize it...I am sure...) I ask her to name out loud the place (she says it...but no so loud, if you listen closely, you can actually hear it) and then APPLAUSE!!!

    here is the not listed yet, since I would not like to upload yet this video after some editing...but for this SNC I think is good!!

    btw: credits to Derren Brown...he has a similar routine in one of his shows, which from this routine is inspired!!....
  11. Awesome contest guys, I love it! I hope I can find a way to upload! I'm in sorta a weird location right now for GALES.
  12. Caan

    this is just a card at any number routine. I know it said audience, but I'm an only child so my mum is filming since i don't have a tripod. but sorry for the bad reactions, anyway, she was speachless!

    good luck everyone.
  13. Yeah, it's not going to happen this week. Without any decent video equipment, I have only my cell phone, which is pretty awful for video. I tried a test and it was unusable. Oh well. Some other time perhaps. It might seem anal retentive of me, but if I'm going to put performance videos on my YT channel, they're either going to be done right or not at all.

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