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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
To those of you in the USA, happy 4th of July! To those of you outside of the USA, I still hope your 4th of July is a happy one. Last night, we posted the first of many outtakes featured on the Symphony DVD (watch the video here).

We also announced the formal date of release - JULY 15th - which is coming very soon. Tonight, we're unveiling several stills from the Symphony DVD in this forum post. And it's also the topic of this week's Saturday Night Contest.

This coming Wednesday, we'll be hosting a LIVE video chat with DG discussing all things Symphony, and announcing the details of the Symphony release contest. The first half of the chat, however, will be answering questions from YOU guys in this special edition roundtable.

Tonight, we call for questions from you on anything you'd like - about DG's magic, his creative process, his experience thus far in magic, and his effects. The best FIVE questions as chosen by our team will be answered at the start of the live chat this coming Wednesday.

If you were sitting in a room next to DG, what would YOU ask him?

Questions need not be about the Symphony contest, as those details will be unveiled in the live video chat separately from this Q&A. We'll also make time to take questions from you guys live in the chat.

You have until tonight at 11:00pm EST to submit your questions in THIS forum thread. Only 5 will be picked to kick off the live chat, and all 5 whose questions are asked will receive the 1-on-1 of their choice, sent on the house.


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Nov 17, 2007
What kind of magic can we expect in Symphony?
Are the effects mostly impromptu?
Is this your proudest project?
What too so long? Haha.
Who is the person you're singing with in the outtake video?
Nov 18, 2008
Why did magic captivate you when you first became interested in it?

What is you favorite part about performing magic for people?

Why do you release magic? Do/Did you ever have trouble letting go of some of your gems or is do you view it as 'sharing' your magic with other magicians?

How did you develop a performing style? Is it based off your personality, other influences or both?

What are your views on the "older generations vs. the younger generations" of magic?

Do you ever learn things from your spectators that you take home after a performance?

Why do you think audience participation is important in magic?

What techniques do you use to develop a bond with the audience to which you are performing? Do you feel this bond is important?

Did you ever hit a "block" or a "lull" in your career? If so, how did you deal with it?
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Dec 16, 2008
Austin, TX
What are some situations in which you have come up with an effect? Have they just been instantaneous (lightbulb turning on "oh!") or were they more gradual?

You sing? Any info on your songs or pretty much anything about them?

And to answer your question Gabemaggic, There are 5 staph lines in written music, and there are five effects in the DVD
P.S. - where is this live chat going to be?
Feb 1, 2009
Manchester, UK.
1. Do you do certain things daily to keep on the top of your game? Like a certain routine every day?

2. What was your biggest "part" in magic, what most affected you when learning the art and how did it affect you.

3. What gives you inspiration for effects? What sparks your creation process?

Also Bayme, do you think the live chat could be around 7pm - 9pm EST for us English people.
Jan 13, 2008
What inspired you to get into magic in the first place? What inspirations still exist today to keep you going?

Magic is obviously a very large part of your life (and, because of that, ours as well). What is your favourite part about having magic as such a large part of your life? Are there things you're doing now that would only be possible because of magic being such a large part of your life?

Aside from the DG Project 4-6 and Symphony, are there any effects currently in your arsenal that you would consider releasing to the magic community in the future (near or far, whichever)? If so, is there anything you'd like to say about the effect(s)?

What does your creative process consist of? Do you think of an effect you'd like to accomplish, then work backwards towards the method? Do you think of methods to accomplish things, and then work a routine around those? Etc. Or is it a combination of things?

If you weren't doing magic as a career, what would you see yourself doing right about now (career wise)?

Thanks for listening! :)
Jan 19, 2009
3. How can you invent your tricks? (so you sit in your chair and try trick variations or watch videos then combinate with other tricks, or how?)

Sorry for my english!


Mar 4, 2008
I noticed that most of your material involves card magic, and magic with coins/money. Which type of magic do you prefer more, and why?
Oct 11, 2008
Danny, what are, in your opinion, the pros and cons of performing street magic with 2 (or maybe even more?) magicians? Naturally you can do stooge type effects, which can play huge, but how do you think spectators respond to more than 1 person doing magic?
Jan 29, 2009
What is your favourite place to perform magic?(parks, bars or where?)

What do you prefear? money magic or card tricks?

Do you like watch your videos (your tricks) in the internet ?
Nov 12, 2008

IT seems to mee that you are one of the most creative minds in Magic. What do you think separates you from the rest when it comes to creativity? (permission to brag).
Sep 2, 2007
1: What would you say are the pro's and cons of magic today in the technology Era?

2: who got you into magic?

3: how long have you been into magic?
Feb 17, 2008
-What is your favorite effect (other than your own) to perform on the streets?

-What was the most influencial thing that has ever occured to you as a magician?

-What is your single favorite moment in all your years of performing?

-What is more satisfying, getting a great reaction from performing an effect, or getting great reviews on an effect that you worked so hard on to create yourself?

-What is the most beautiful effect you have ever seen?
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