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  1. Yo yo yo - holla atcha boi. A few weeks ago we posted an SNC calling for 20 questions for Anonymous. You didn't know who I was. Tonight, we call for 20 questions for ME. Unveiled. Uncovered. Naked. As far as you know. I could be.

    Post any question for me you wish - about Pressure, about life, about magic, about sorcery, and I will pick as many questions as I can to answer in the form of an Artist Diary tonight.

    Questions must be posted on or before 10:00pm EST, and limit of 3 questions per member. We're looking for interesting questions - so things about performance, the creation process, etc are more than welcome. The video with the answers will be posted late tonight in the theory11 media section.

    One random member whose question I pick out tonight will receive one copy of PRESSURE on the house at the time of release. Let's do this.

    x {dg}

    UPDATE : The video has been posted. Watch it here.
  2. Yay, Contest time.
  3. 1. Do you do any daily rituals to help you stay in the game? Such as finger exercises...
  4. What three books have you gotten the most out of?

  5. 2. When you're creating a trick, do you set out to create a trick or are you just "fiddling" about and manage to discover something?
  6. What's your take on the whole books versus dvd debate? Which do you prefer?
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    1. How long have you been working on pressure and what made you create it?
    2. In your opinion, what has been your greatest success in magic?
    3. Could you take a ninja in a nunchuck battle? but wait, these ninjas are invisible and like most ninjas, can fly. if not, what about pirates?

    These may be edited later if i think of better questions. i will post my revisions if i choose to change them
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    1) Is there a gimmick

    2) On a scale of 1-10 (10 being very hard) how hard is it

    3) how are the angles on it
  9. What inspired you to come up with pressure.
  10. Who do you look up to the most and who/what inspires you to be so creative?
  11. 3. What has been your inspiration in magic? Was it a somebody or a something? Also, Magic starts of as a hobby, what made you decide you wanted to do it as a profession?
  12. 1.When did you come up with Pressure and how did the idea come about?
    2.Has Wayne Finished Ninja School how is your Nunchuck ability coming along?
    3.Whats your view on creation and do you have a method?
  13. will you participate in my creativity challenge? just kidding - not an actual question. unless you want to participate in it.
  14. What about magic got you interested in the beginning?

    What do you think magic is? .... Do you view it as an artform?

    What drives you to create, practice, and perform magic?
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    1) Why would some sign their cell phone???

    2) What trick do you consider the best every created to this day?

    3) do you think you can beat me in a ninja fight? (im pretty good)
  16. Is pressure completely impromptu or do you need an extra something for the trick?

    How does creation start for you, where do you start when you want to create a new affect?

    What is the number one tip you would give a magician who wants to go out and do some street magic but it is there first time?

    Thanks ;)
  17. Heeeey yo son!

    1. How many bracelets are you wearing?
    2. Are you in fact naked?
    3. Out of your many published effects, which is the one you use the most?


  18. it is. He says so in the preview.
  19. ok my Q is about the creation of effects i like creating my own effect and was wondering when u create what comes first do u think of the method or just an idea or do u just play around and you create something ingeneous (i think i spelt that right) And what came first when creating pressure
  20. 1. What is your creative process? I.e., how do you come up with the specific ideas you come up with? You can use Pressure as an example--how did you come up with putting a cell phone inside of a balloon? And what was your motivation (why put the cell phone inside of the balloon--was there a reason you chose putting a cell phone inside of a balloon?)?

    More questions to follow. :)

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