Saturday Night Contest - {dg} We Need to Talk

Uhhhh, gimmie a minute, i'll edit this post in a minute...

What was the funniest moment (Magic or Other) you've ever been apart of? (Like something you couldn't stop laughing about.)

Are you a fan of The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles?

How do you feel about the direction magic is currently going in? (There seems to be more variations on older effects than new creations all of their own.)
omg, Everyone else is like, sleeping. I can't wait to see the video... later on, i'm not sure when it's gonna be in the media section, but i'll be there sometime around 6 maybe.

Hey Cringe, the quicktime video shouldn't be too far back, just take a quick skim of the last like, 3 pages maybe and wait till you see something from JB. It'll be there.
Nov 16, 2008
In the not to distant future
I actually went to sleep, woke up and they had not even posted it. I was too tired to participate in the riddles and that's what she said jokes, but I did get a good laugh. I still have to watch the video now.
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