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    Earlier this month, we celebrated the release of one of our most ambitious cardistry projects yet: Monument. A two-disc set, this project was both technically challenging and enormously comprehensive. It took us 18 months and a near-fatal hard drive crash to make it happen. The result is a collection of 16 unique, wildly creative flourishes devised by one of the cardistry community's most respected, breakthrough artists: Dimitri Arleri.

    Tonight, you have an opportunity to chat with him and get the inside scoop of his creative process. What started as a 5-minute video called Opera turned into a showcase of outside the box, insanely creative moves. 400,000 views later, he will be joining us this weekend to talk about the adventure and the method to his madness.

    So begins our roundtable discussion event - an opportunity for you to post any question you'd like in response to THIS forum thread. The deadline for this roundtable is Monday at 12:00pm EST - over 36 hours to participate, ask questions, and gain valuable insight from one of the industry's best. Limit THREE questions per member, and all questions should be submitted in response to this forum thread.

    After the deadline passes, we will record a podcast with Dimitri to answer as many questions as possible on Monday. Choose your questions wisely: this is a rare opportunity to come together as a community, share ideas, ask questions, and get answers. Your questions can range from Dimitri's inspirations to the making of Monument to his vision on the future of cardistry. Looking forward to a great discussion, fueled by your questions.

    One random member whose question is asked during the podcast will take home 1,000 Elite Member Points and a SIGNED DVD Set of Monument - shipped on the house anywhere in the world. But for now, our discussion begins. What will you ask Dimitri?

    UPDATE: This contest is complete, and the podcast has been posted!
  2. What is the best way to come up with new flourishes?
    How long have you been working on the moves for monument?
    favourite flourish atm?
  3. how do you train on cardistry?

    and how many times do you train a week?
  4. You've been known for using decks that are SUPER old and grimy...what's the reason for that?
    How did you get in contact w/ T11 to work on this project?
    Favourite flourish that you did create?
  5. 1. Why did you start cardistry? was it a person or the whole concept that made you want to pursue it?
    2. What is your creative process when it comes to flourishes? do you start with an existing flourish and keep variating until you have something new or do you start from scratch and experiment?
    3. Are you into anything else apart from cardistry?
  6. 1. When coming up with moves, how do you come up with names for them?
    2. What was the foundation of your knowledge of cardistry
    3. Who was your inspiration to start cardistry
  7. Was there a particular cardistry move that just completely inspired you?
    Where did you find the best place to practise your cardistry?
    Do you prefer fans or cuts?
  8. How has your life changed (good or bad) since doing this DVD set with Theory11?
    I noticed in the trailer the use of "regular" bicycle you prefer them over the new fancy designer cards?
    Where do you see this art form in years to come?
  9. 1. Bon Dimi quand est-ce qu'on fait un meet-up sur Paris ?
    2. J'espère que tu va abandonner tes decks pourris :p
    3. Apéro ?
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    What is your favourite deck - do you attach great importance to custom designed decks?

    Have you ever dreamed about producing your own DVD set when you just got into cardistry?

    Do you perform magic / have you ever performed magic?
  11. What was the most difficult moment during the entire production of Monument? Was there a specific move that gave you grief or was there something else?

    What do you plan to do now that you've released your project? Any plans for the future?

    If you could change anything about Monument, what would you add/take away?
  12. 1. Beside flourish, do you also perform magic trick? And if yes, which is your favorite?

    2. Who inspired you the most in your cardistery move? Daniel Madison? De'vo? Andrei Jikh?
    D&D? And who is your favourite flourisher and why?

    3. What is your favourite deck of card?
  13. Is it true that the diet of a french person consists entirely of cheese, caviar and escargot?

    Can you name all four ninja turtles?

    When are you coming back to the U.S.?
  14. When did you first come up with these moves and when did you decided to make this DVD?
  15. Did you mess up a lot or drop cards during the trailer? If so about how many times?
  16. how many hours you practice cardistry

    how many hours a day you practice cardistry?
  17. Favorite flourish you have created
    Favorite deck of cards to use for flourishing
    What inspired you to start flourishing
  18. i know that their is alot of great persons are inspirations but what got you into cardistry anyone special?
  19. Do you think cardistry has the same power to affect people on a deep emotional level as magic does?
  20. how often do you practice?

    what is your favorite time to create? (in the morning, at night, etc.)

    where is your favorite place to practice?

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