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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Lyle Borders, Nov 12, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    Yesterday we celebrated the release of our brand new, super high quality deck of playing cards, Monarchs. We have never produced anything like them before. Tonight, we give you a chance to win some for yourself!

    In front of me, I have a deck of the pre-release Monarchs in new deck order. Grab a deck and follow along with me as closely as you can. In a moment, I will be mixing the deck up in a very simple and straight forward manner, and then selecting three cards. Your job is to do the exact same thing and come out as close as you can to the same results.

    Simple, but not easy. A good shuffle will result in a deck configuration that has never existed before. There are about 8.1 unvigintillion possibilities. Ready? Grab a deck. Here we go.

    Step 1. New deck order, ad cards removed, jokers on the bottom.
    Step 2. Three standard shuffles, face down.
    Step 3. A cut of the deck as close to the center as possible.
    Step 4. Deal three cards, face down, left to right.
    Step 5. Turn each face up.

    This is the exact procedure I will be doing in a quick moment. I will leave the cards face down until I reveal the results at the end. You simply need to tell me, from left to right, what your cards are. Ace of Diamonds, 3 of Hearts, Joker? 2 of Clubs, 2 of Spades, Jack of Hearts? That is up to you and your shuffling ability.

    Your response is due at 11:00pm EST. You have 3 ½ hours. The closest guess, in order, wins both a 6 pack of Monarchs and 6 points to enter into our amazing 2011 Holiday Contest! Limit one submission per member.

    Play your cards. Good luck.


  2. Ace of Clubs, 5 of Hearts, 5 of Clubs. In that order.
  3. Just did it with my Brown Wynns. :)

    9 of Clubs » 7 of Spades » 4 of Hearts

    Good luck to all!
  4. 9 of Diamonds > 10 of Hearts > 4 of Clubs
  5. 5 of Hearts, Ace of Spades and Jack of Hearts. in that order from left to right ! :)
  6. 2 of clubs, jack of hearts, 4 of clubs
  7. Three of Hearts, King of Spades, and Eight of Clubs
  8. 5 of Clubs, 7 of Diamonds, Queen of Spades. In that order.
  9. 2 of diamonds, 8 of diamonds, and 2 of clubs
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    I forgot to cut my deck. So i change my Answer to :

    7 Heart - Ace Heart - 2 of Diamond. Left to right! No regret this time!!
  11. 2 clubs. 6 hearts. 3 hearts
  12. Four of Spades, Nine of Hearts, Jack of Clubs
  13. Jack of Spades, 2 of Clubs, 3 of Clubs
  14. 9 of Diamonds, 7 of Hearts, Queen of Clubs
  15. 2 of hearts, Jack of Clubs, 2 of Clubs.
  16. 7 of diamonds, jack of clubs, 3 of clubs
  17. 1. 8 diamonds
    2. 8 spades
    3. 7 diamonds
  18. 6 of Hearts, 2 of Clubs, 4 of Diamonds. In that order. :)
  19. Ace of Diamond - Six of Diamond - 3 of Diamond
  20. Jack of Hearts, Queen of Clubs, Six of Hearts.
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