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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by j.bayme, Sep 6, 2008.

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  1. This just in : tonight is Saturday, and tomorrow is Sunday. In other breaking news, there is a massive, earth shattering shindig at the Kenner Estate tonight in honor of Katie's birthday tomorrow. We've been filming most of the week, so the break is well timed. We intend to party like it's 1999 and/or 2008.

    Andrei lives in Las Vegas and will be coming as well. Here's the problem: Andrei and I don't have a costume. But there is a Party City less than 2 miles away (which many of you would know from the last 60 seconds of this week's 1-on-1). So here's tonight's challenge: give us an idea for Andrei and I's costume.

    They should both be separate, so each of you is entitled to submit ideas for both Andrei and I. All ideas should be family friendly and appropriate and creative.

    All ideas must be submitted in response to this thread on or before 9:00pm EST. At that time, Andrei and I will both jump in the car with the best ideas in hand, head to Party City, and dress up as the winning ideas. And we'll post pictures and/or a dual Confessions video to prove it.

    Best of luck to all - and have fun with it. The more creative / funny, the better. Mad props to "InsertUsernameHere" for the idea for this. What's the prize? One deck of White Centurions, signed by CK, Katie, Andrei, and I - everyone of us at the party tonight.
  2. What's the maximum number of ideas good sire?

  3. well, you could disguise yourself as a giant king of spades card, and andrei as a giant ace of hearts!!! Blackjack!!!!

    (I dont know if you can make this, but it would be funny to see you two guys disguised as that)

    Cheers and have fun for me!
  4. JB: a mercinary
    Andrei: A pretty little fairy!
  5. Ketchup and Mustard. It would be funny.
  6. Can you take a picture of yourself dressed up?
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    JB: You could dress up as a King. Not the card, but an actual king (hopefully resembling a King from a card, though). It would represent both the card, and your CEO position here at Theory11. ( Edit: Maybe even the Burger King king dude. That'd be pretty funny. In which case, Andrei should go as a whopper or something, heh. )

    Andrei: A robot of some sort. Possibly the terminator. Why? Because you have to be a robot to have the precision and control that he does with cards. He's definitely a machine.
  8. JBayme - Brittany Spears
    Andrei - Madonna
  9. JB be Batman and Andrei be Robin :D

  10. JB as: Andrei
    Andrei as: a wimpy little nerd [aka JB]

    I'm just joking, JB isn't nerdy...:p
  11. Jb- As max maven or Chris Kenner
    Andrei- As devo
  13. Andrei should go as a ridiculously fat guy, and JB should go as a handsome stud. Basically, go as your opposites.

  14. J.B.-A life sized balloon animal or a herd of smaller balloon animals (like a whole bunch of balloon dogs taped all over you)

    Andrei-Disco King, mainly because giant fake afro's are the greatest thing since the classic pass.

    Good contest-hope the party goes well.
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    You could get a big Queen of Hearts costume. Then you could let a little bit of the costume drag on the floor. You would then be a 'drag-queen'.

    Andrei could be.. A Queen of Spades drag-queen.
  16. you could both dress up as half a deck of cards and roll over each other the entire night claiming to be a charlier cut.


    for some reason, i can totally see JB in a robin costume. Like seriously, the old Red yellow and green robin suit.
    So JB, to the batmobile! or at least... the robin bicycle?

    anderi... should be the hulk. and proceed to beat kenner at a push up battle. You dont really need a costume to be the hulk actually... just paint yourself green. the muscles are already there. :p
  17. JB: You could dress like a lady and put a sign that says "yeah, I'm a guy, and my name is Dana!"
  18. Andrei: as Randall
  19. Super easy of you should go as Facebook....get 2 sheets of bristol board, and a piece of rope. Tie the rope to the boards so that they hang at your front and at your back. THe back could be your "wall"...have a bunch of sharpies attached so that people can sign your wall....and at the front will be random photos.

    Second costume Idea....John Travolta from Saturday Night Fever. 70's disco white pants and all ;)
  20. JB dress as Chris, Andrei as Katie.

    Walk into the party and say "How did you all get in our house!?"

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