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Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

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Dec 23, 2007
I have posted one before, but if we dont have more submissions, ignore this post.

Jb as Ronald Mcdonald

Andrei as Ashton Kutcher

Deleted member 2755

JB should go in a pink fairy outfit. (Make sure the dress is very short....)
Andrei should go goth.

I know I automatically lose because neither of you would do that. :) However... it would be epic.... and you know it too. ;)

JB: Danny Garcia. Pick up some beads, some fake facial hair, tell story of the invisible fly.

Andrei: Criss Kenner. Walk around practicing the S.W.E. Shift, do an impression of Criss Kenner doing an impression of David Blane, make fun of Jonathan (as though he was actually Danny.), get a blond wig.

Very cheap. Practical. I hope I win!
It would be so hilarious to see you guys go as Dan and Dave Buck, but as siamese twins. Im sure it would be weird doing the Leno cut with two chins, but Andrei could do a bunch of one handed stuff and JB could just be standing there and pointing the whole time. There's my idea,
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