Saturday Night Contest - Dressed to Impress

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Sep 6, 2008
Why not dress up as somebody that inspired you to become the great person you are today? Like a famous magician or act?
JB, you could be David Copperfield
Andrei, you could be a star from Cirque du Soleil or De'vo.
These costumes are unique, while maintaining your sense of personality and flair.
These costumes could be hard to come by at the last second, so I've thought up a second idea.
You could dress up as somebody you admire, it doesn't even have to involve magic. For instance, I admire CK because of his interesting acts and sense of humor. He created a desire in me to study close up tricks and coin magic, due to his bewildering tricks.
Think about a great philanthropist or magician that you revere, and enjoy dressing up as them for the night. These costumes allow you to keep your sense of who you are and what you want to be.
Hope these help with your problem.
-Michael Christian
May 18, 2008
I think they are probbably still judging. I wonder if they will actually use the contest ideas? PS: JB, this is a whole lot faster than it was a few weeks ago. The new server was brilliant.
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