Saturday Night Contest - Everyday We're Shufflin'

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Oct 22, 2011.

  1. Yoyo! What's going on guys! Hope everyone has had a fantastic week thus far.

    We have something very big planned on 11/11/11. A brand new deck, and much more. Last night, we released a brand new 1-on-1 with Jason England on the False Overhand Shuffle; A utility move that has existed for centuries, now taught in 35 minutes of intricate detail.

    Tonight, I am going to grab a deck of mixed-up Brown Wynns and give it a mix up. I'm going to give the deck 5 Overhand Shuffles (not False shuffles, I'm not that mean :p ). Your job is to guess not only the top card of the deck, but also the bottom card.

    Each member has one guess only. You can give your deck 5 overhand shuffles to come to a conclusion, or you can make a complete guess and hope you get it right! We want you guys to have fun with this one tonight. Post your guess in response to THIS forum thread no later than 11:00pm EST. After time is up, we will look through the guesses and find which member has it right, or which member comes the closest if no one gets it.

    What are the prizes tonight? That's right, I said prizes, with an S. If you want a chance to learn the False Overhand Shuffle but you're low on cash, we are giving that download completely free to the winner of tonight's contest. We are also giving away a brand new deck of Sold-Out Brown Wynns. That's not all. We are also giving the winner an exclusive sneek peek of our newest deck of Playing Cards, to be released on 11/11/11. You will be the only one to see the image, so treat that opportunity well!

    Tonight is going to be fun. Grab your decks, and let's get to shufflin'.
  2. Top: 9 of Spades
    Bottom: 7 of Hearts
  3. Queen of diamonds and ten of hearts.
  4. 8oD on the top and QoH on the bottom
  5. Top: 8 of clubs
    bottom: 3 of diamonds
  6. top- jack of clubs
    bottom- 4 of diamonds
  7. 5 of hearts on top, ace of diamonds on the bottom :)
  8. 7 of hearts on the top and 2 of clubs on the bottom
  9. Top:- 7 of Spades
    Bottom:- 5 of Spades
  10. Top: Ace of Spades
    Bottom: Three of Spades
  11. Bottom: 9 of diamonds
    Top: Jack of clubs
  12. Top: 9 of diamonds
    Bottom: 3 of spades
  13. Top: Six (6) of Hearts
    Bottom: Ten (10) of Diamonds
  14. Top- 7 clubs
    bottom- 4 diamonds
  15. Answer to SNC Every day we're shufflin

    Top: Ace of diamond
    Bottom: 6 of heart
  16. Top: 7 of Hearts
    Bottom: 6 of Diamonds
  17. top card 6 of clubs, bottom card king of diamonds
  18. Top: 3 of clubs
    Bottom: Jack of hearts
  19. top: 9 of spades
    bottom: Queen of spades

  20. Top: 4 of spades
    Bottom: 9 of clubs

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