Saturday Night Contest - Filtering Out Exposure

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  1. Hey guys! Just yesterday, we released a brand new effect from Rick Lax – FILTER. 3 coins, one glass – completely impromptu. It looks insane. You can check out details on the effect HERE.

    Since the release of Filter, we've seen some CRAZY theories of how it works - almost all of which have been incorrect. People have said it uses an extra coin. It doesn't - only three coins are used. People have said the coins were switched (they're not, they can even be signed). Some said there's a hole in the back of the glass (there isn't). And some even thought that Rick was "throwing" the coin over the top of the glass (he isn't).

    Inspired by these false methods, we thought it would be appropriate for another round of our signature Fake Exposure contests tonight. Your challenge is to come up with the most RIDICULOUS, crazy, outside the box, laughable method for putting a coin inside of a glass. Then, film yourself teaching that ridiculous method to the world, and post the link in THIS forum thread.

    Upload your video entry to either YouTube or Vimeo, and post the link to your video in response to THIS forum thread on or before 7:30pm EDT tomorrow, Sunday, October 28th. You have a FULL 24 HOURS to enter this week! After time is up, Rick Lax will be judging the contest based on creativity to declare a winner.

    What's up for grabs? The Full Rick Lax Collection. This includes EVERY effect Rick has released here on theory11, from Filter to Detach to Vertigo and more. Have fun with this - we can't wait to see your entries! While this contest is lighthearted, our goal is to fill the web with FAKE exposure videos, making it more difficult for anyone to learn the real secret. Together, tonight, we can make a real difference in the fight against magic exposure. Go for it!
  2. This is an awesome idea!
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    so we are not really making one we are doing like another pure smoke tricks video :)

    AKA a fake video on how to do it?
  4. Yup! Create a ridiculous false method (not the real method by any means) and teach the fake method on video. That way, people who search up tutorials on this effect find false videos, preventing exposure! :)
  5. Somebody even thought the method of FILTER was an extra quarter sewn onto my vest! I'm super-curious to see what methods you guys come up with. And because I'll be judging the contest, let me give you a tip: I really like the fake explanation videos that start out serious and plausible...and then devolve into total wacky nonsense! Those are most fun, plus they really suck people in.

    Oh, one last thing, the winner of the they just get my regular Theory11 tricks (VERTIGO, HIGHRISE, DETACH, and FILTER) or do they get my WIRE tricks too (ALTERNATE UNIVERSE, FORTUITY, and COIN THROUGH SHIRT). If it's up to me...I say we give EVERYTHING away! That's like...three or four hours of magic knowledge....
  6. What If someone who has not purchased filter, unknowingly reveals the correct method of doing it.
  7. Tutorial of Filter by Rick Lax.

    Hello Rick, this is my.... mmm... Interesting tutorial video of you awesome effect "Filter"... Enjoy it.

  8. Alright mate, I've been wanting to reveal this one since I saw the trailer.

    WARNING :: This video contains grown up language mate, you've be told.
  9. I think that's unlikely, as this contest is about ridiculous, crazy, laughable methods - and the real method of Filter is extremely practical, simple, and diabolical. Of course, we'll be on the lookout to make sure no "real" takes place. Excited to see all of the entries!
  10. I guess this is a risk we have to take!
  11. Can I enter more than once?
  12. Lamar Magic Club hopes to have its entry up within the hour!! We are cooking up something pretty unique, I've got three words for you guys: Robotics, Duct Tape. If we win we hope to use our prize to further our club, we'll offer the Dvds/downloads as rewards to students who show a continued interest in magic.

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