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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Andrei, Aug 28, 2010.

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    Inspired by our frequent "create a flourish" contests and Dan and Dave's Prequel concept, tonight we bring you a twist on our usual cardistry adventures. The contest tonight is open to anyone and everyone, but particularly to those with a passion for cardistry.

    The idea is simple. We start. You finish. Less than an hour ago, I recorded a short video showing the beginning of a move. The start of a sequence. The challenge tonight is to finish that sequence - to build on the simple foundation provided to create something of your own. As long as your flourish/routine utilizes the mechanics that are provided in the video - you are good to go! It can either be one handed, two-handed, etc, - the sky is the limit. Make a video of your creation based on the foundation provided, and post it in response to this forum thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight. You have 3.5 hours to make it happen!

    We're looking for creativity. Submissions can be simple or complex, easy or difficult. The only requirement is that you have to use the starting point provided and build off of it. You can watch the foundation move at the link below. Watch it, learn it, then create! Winner tonight will take home a 6 pack of Sentinels, shipped on the house.

    UPDATE: Winner has been posted. See the results here.
  2. Sweet Andrei. This is going to be a fun one!
  3. i dont understand why were two starts given in the video?
  4. To clarify, both the starts utilized the same mechanics, this can either be one handed or two handed as shown in the video.
  5. had to do this in a bout 5 minutes. sorry for the terribleness and very slowness and babdbabdbadbadBAD video camera..
  6. Hmmmm, once again not going to do this one, the reason being is I do not do cardistry. Is there ever going to be an actual magic challenge?
  7. A magic-off, you seek? Your wish is our command! Next week. We try to achieve a reasonable balance between cardistry and magic based SNC's, as this community is diverse and we want to make everyone happy. We have done several magic challenges in the past, so don't worry - we will do many more.
  8. Don't mean to be annoying but I kind of agree with bladehensley. What about coins, rubber bands, or general magic?
  9. there have been plenty, they dont actually have to put on these contests so maybe its best not to complain too much.... just a thought
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    Good luck guys! Not entering today, my cam's out of battery and I'm just not up for it, even though I really need those Sentinels..
  11. Touché, jrobarts05… Touché…
  12. I already got mine but now I have to perfect it
  13. Man you got to love theory11
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    Andrei, since my camera isn't working right now, if I've gotten the flourish and teach it to someone else on cam (already taught it to Casey via written instruction), can they perform it for you? It'll be clearly stated that i came up with it, but is it allowed? Because that's the only way I can enter SNC tonight..

    Pretty please? With a cherry on top?
  15. Sure, but you guys will have to decide amongst yourselves how to split the prize if you win!
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    Sweet, thanks! He's entering his own first, then he's going to perform my flourish. It'll be in the same video, but he'll specify which one is his and which one is mine. Thanks a lot, JB!
  17. At the end of the contest, Andrei should put up his ending for the flourish.
  18. Rendering, then uploading the footage now. Since SaborFang17 does not have a camera, JB is allowing me to do his flourish in my video as well so he can enter. So good luck to the rest of the participants, will be awesome to see you guys' flourishes tonight!
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    Alright guys, this is the 2nd entry for tonight. Me and SaborFang17's flourishes are featured in this video since he cannot film it himself.

    The first flourish is mine, and the second one is SaborFang17's.

    Tricycle (mine) was really hard to get down smooth since I don't so much in that style, so even though it's a little choppy I think you'll like the idea. Enjoy

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    Here is my entry for tonight! Nothing too complicated, but I thought it was creative and looks nice. ENJOY! I included 2 parts. The first part actually "finishes the flourish". The second part shows how I got into the flourish. I apologize I don't have it down very smooth yet, but with some practice I think it could look awesome.

    Just some extra footage and added silly below of my flourish.

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