Saturday Night Contest: Freestyle Cardistry

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  1. Good evening guys!

    This week for the Saturday Night Contest, we're doing something quite unique for you cardists! Last week, Andrei Jikh shot a commercial with director Joseph Kahn. As an audition for the role, Andrei sent Kahn a 5 minute uncut demo video of him doing cardistry. He proved his skills through the video, and now it's time for you to prove yours!

    In this contest, we want you to create a 60 second uncut cardistry video. We'll be looking for the cardist who can do the MOST and the COOLEST flourishes in 60 seconds. So for instance, someone who does 30 unique flourishes will win over someone who does 60 charlier cuts. Again, we're looking for the cardist who can do the most and coolest card flourishes in 60 seconds.

    Winner will receive a brick of Players by Daniel Madison, shipped on the house! AND, as usual, you'll receive 1,000 Elite Member Points!

    This contest is open for 24 hours. Upload your video to YouTube or elsewhere, and post the link in THIS thread before 7:30pm EDT on Sunday night. We'll post the winner before midnight tomorrow. Good luck!

    Need some inspiration? Check out Andrei's quick rough freestyle video:


  2. Something is not human about Mr. Jikh there...
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    Something is definitely wrong with Andrei Jikh.... Haha
  4. Will it matter a lot if it is a couple seconds over?
  5. can it be just over 60 seconds? (1.05mins)
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    Audio is out of sync but here's my entry.

  8. My video has a title on it because I had an extra 4 seconds in hand when I stopped my video.
    Also, Daniel Madison is my favorite Magician and I would love to own some of his signature cards, in fact, in my video my first 4 cardistry moves are Daniel Madison's, that he taught on Dangerous: Motion, but just tweaked a little bit; Including Mayhem, Turnover, Sybil in the Ram, & Fly.
    Good Luck to all ;D

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