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    Hey guys! Hope you're having a great weekend. Next Friday is a HUGE day for us here at theory11: Black Friday. We've got FOUR new releases rolling out that morning at 11:00am EST. One of them is BlackJAQK - the latest edition of our limited edition collaboration with JAQK Cellars Winery in Napa Valley. The cards look INCREDIBLE. Tonight's contest is in celebration of that release - and it's all about BlackJAQK. Blackjack, actually.

    More specifically: 21. In my hands, I have THREE cards from a new deck of BlackJAQK. Those three cards together add up to a value of 21. Your challenge is to accurately predict the identity of those three cards. The first person to correctly identify all three cards - value and suit - will take home the prize tonight. The three cards together add up to 21 - that's your only clue.

    For example, your post might look something like this:

    Six of Diamonds
    Five of Hearts
    King of Clubs

    Limit THREE submissions per member. To make things simple, please make each of your predictions in a separate post. Post your submissions in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tonight. After time is up, we will go through all submissions and decide on a winner.

    What can you take home this week? No surprise: a six pack of BlackJAQK Playing Cards, shipped out on Monday - a week before the public release!
  2. 10Diamonds 5Spades ace Clubs
  3. 6 clubs, 5 clubs, jack spades
  4. 4 diamonds, queen hearts, 7 clubs
  5. 10 of Hearts
    7 of Spades
    5 Clubs
  6. Ace of spades
    King of spades
  7. 9 diamonds, 4 hearts, 8 diamonds

    Also, I think it would be cool if you ended this contest at 9:00, as it is 21:00 by world time.
  8. 9 of clubs
    6 of diamonds
    6 of spades
  9. 2 of hearts
    9 of spades
    queen of hearts
  10. queen of spades
    9 of hearts
    2 of diamonds
  11. King of Hearts
    Seven of Clubs
    Five of Clubs
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    King of hearts
    3 of clubs
    5 of Spades

    3 of hearts
    9 of clubs
    9 of diamonds

    7 of hearts
    2 of spades
    queen of diamonds
  13. 8 of diamonds
    6 of clubs
    7 of spades
  14. 8 of spades
    3 of clubs
    jack of hearts
  15. king of spade
    8 of clubs
    3 of spades
  16. Queen of Clubs
    2 of Hearts
    9 of Diamonds
  17. 10 of clubs
    jack of hearts
    ace of spades
  18. 7 of diamonds
    5 of clubs
    9 of hearts
  19. Eight of spades
    Nine of diamonds
    Four of clubs
  20. 6 of hearts
    6 of diamonds
    9 of clubs
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