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  1. A few moments ago I placed two Bicycle Guardian cards on the ground. A picture of the cards is attached to this post. The challenge tonight is simple. Guess the cards. Limit of three guesses per member, and the first to get the identity of BOTH cards correct (not just one) wins the challenge. If no one has posted the correct solution by 9:30pm EST (two hours from the time of this posting), a clue will be posted in this forum thread.

    If no one guesses the right cards by the end of the night-- 11:00pm EST-- then the prize will go to a random member who has posted their guess in this thread. So what's up for grabs? A deck of Bicycle Guardians signed by theory11 crew, and a 1-on-1 video of your choice on the house. Let's hear it. Good luck.

    Update from JB @ 11:00pm EST: This contest has ended. Over 300 entries, over 3,000 views in three hours. Since we mentioned the fact that the cards may have been pulled from multiple decks, the odds were one in several thousand. The odds were certainly stacked against you. The goal was to keep everyone on their toes and thinking outside of the box. Appearances can be deceiving.

    We weren't sure if anyone was going to get it right tonight. We didn't know if we'd have a single correct guess, or if anyone would even come close. The twist was that both cards were identical. Both the same. The exact card was chosen by CK, and never changed once the contest began. And what was it? Check it out.

    The winner tonight was Sean_Raf for his entry. Congrats to Sean for the win, and great job to everyone else for some pretty close guesses from the start. Until next week...


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  2. First! i'll make my guesses soon.
  3. Guess 1: Double Backer and Joker

    Guess 2: Ace of Diamonds and King of Hearts

    - Sean
  4. screw it, i'll guess now. I'll say the Ace of Hearts, and the king of diamonds.
  5. 1. 3 of spades and 9 of clubs
    2. 6 of heats and jack of spades
    3. queen of diamonds and 8 of clubs
    pleeeease let my psychic abilities work this time!
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    7 hearts

    6 clubs

    come on Wayne Houchi Woochi, may the force be with me.
  7. 1.) 4 of spades and Jack of diamonds
  8. Sounds fun, and a little hard. There would be 2704 possible combinations. Divide that by three and you would get about 901 members having to post a a unique combination to assure one right answer.


    Hehe, I'm pumped!
  9. Guess 1

    King of spades

    8 of Dimonds
  10. #2- 9 of Hearts, 6 of Clubs.
  11. Are these the normal 52 cards in a deck or can it be blank cards, double backers, advertisment cards,etc.
  12. queen of hearts
    ace of diamonds
  13. 5 d14m0nd5
    9 0f 5pad3s
  14. Submission 1: Queen of Clubs & 2 of Hearts
  15. I'm assuming they're the normal 52 cards plus the double backer you get. Although knowing T11, Wayne's probably split them and glued a picture JB on one and Dana 'isagirlsname' Hocking on the other.

    - Sean
  16. 4 of diamonds and 6 of diamonds.
  17. #1 3 of hearts and 7 of spades
    #2 the two jokers
    #3 King of diamonds and ace of diamonds

    My three guesses.
  18. 1: 6 hearts, 2 spades
    2: 8 diamonds, 2 spades
    3: 7 diamonds, 4 spades

  19. 1. Joker And 4 of Clubs
    2. 4 of Diamonds And 3 of Spades
    3. 2 of spades And 7 of Clubs

    Well theres my guesses. Hopefully there correct:D
  20. Guess 2

    10 of spades

    5 of hearts

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