Saturday Night Contest - Guess The Artisans!

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    Hey everyone! Hope you all are having a great week. Just yesterday, we released the brand new edition of the Artisan Playing Cards: The White Edition. Also, we released the all-new Artisan Black Spade Emblem Shirt, featuring 100% premium cotton (it's so soft!)

    To celebrate these releases, we want to see if you can put your mind reading skills to the test. I have two decks of Artisans with me: The Black and the White Edition. I have taken one card out from each deck and placed them on the table. Your job is to be the first person to correctly identify or come the closest to identifying the cards from each deck. Here is how your answer should be formatted:

    Black: (card)
    White: (card)

    Each member gets two guesses, so make them count! All entries should be posted in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tonight. After time is up, we will go through all of the submissions and determine who was the first person to guess or come the closest to identifying the cards.

    What can you win? The Complete Artisan Bundle: One Black Edition Deck, One White Edition Deck, and the Artisan T-Shirt! Don't forget the 1,000 Elite Member Points! Can you guess the identities? Go for it!

  2. Black 2C
    White 8D

    Black 2D
    White 5C
  3. Black: Jack of Spades
    White: 2 of Hearts

    Black: 6 of Clubs
    White: 10 of Diamonds
  4. Black :7 of spades
    white:nine of hearts

    black:3 of spades
    white: 8 of clubs
  5. Black: 5 of Diamonds
    White: 8 of Spades
  6. Black 5oH
    White 3 of diamond

    Black queen of spade
    White King of heart
  7. Black: (KH)
    White: (8H)

    Black: (3H)
    White: (JC)
  8. Snc

    Black (3 Diamonds)
    White (7 Clubs)

    Black (8 Diamonds)
    White (King Hearts)
  9. Black 5 hearts
    White J clubs

    Black k diamonds
    White 3 spades
  10. Black: 4C
    White: JH
  11. Black: 9S
    White: 6D

    Black: 7C
    White: 4H
  12. Black: 4C
    White: AH

    Black: 10D
    White: AC
  13. Black: Jack of Diamonds
    White: 5 of Spades

    Black: Ace of Clubs
    White: 9 of Hearts
  14. black: 7 clubs
    white: 2 diamonds

    black: 3 spades
    white: 4 clubs
  15. Black: J Hearts
    White: 7 Clubs

    Black: 4 Diamonds
    White: Q Spades
  16. Black : 6 of hearts.
    White : Jack of clubs.

    Black : Ace of Spades.
    White : 2 of hearts.
  17. Black: 6 of hearts
    White: Ace of spades

    Black: 8 of clubs
    White: 10 of diamonds
  18. Black: 8 of Spades
    White: 4 of Clubs

    Black: 4 of Hearts
    White: 3 of Diamonds
  19. Black: 3C
    White: 6D

    Black: JH
    White: 9D
  20. Black: 7 of Clubs
    White: Jack of heart

    Second Guess:

    Black: 3 Of Diamonds
    White: 7 Of Spades
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