Saturday Night Contest - Happy Birthday!

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  1. Last night marked our FIVE year anniversary here at theory11. What a journey. What an adventure. None of it would be possible without our members. We are very humbled and EXTREMELY thankful for your support. So right now, it's time to celebrate!

    You can't have a birthday without a cake. It's mathematically impossible. To fix this, we need your help! We aren't looking for a REAL cake, though. That would probably arrive in 10 pieces and become moldy by the time it got to our studio. So in light of the TWO new playing card releases yesterday morning (Rebels and Silver Monarchs), we're looking for a cake that is made ENTIRELY out of playing cards! Yes, you read that correctly.

    Your challenge tonight is to make a cake entirely out of playing cards. You can use any materials you like - glue, tape, scissors, unicorns - but the structure itself must be made out of cards! The more creative and outside the box, the better.

    Take a picture of your creation and post the image in response to THIS forum thread on or before 11:00pm EDT tonight. You can upload your photos to, or use the photo upload feature here in the forums. There is not "a" prize tonight. There are THREE prizes tonight! Rebels, Silver Monarchs, and Regeneration by Blake Vogt (including 15 handcrafted gimmicks).

    Cheers to another five years of madness! We are super excited to see your submissions!
  2. Challenge Accepted!
  3. Hi guys this is my entry it didn't take too long once i had the idea in my head and the rest was straight forward.

    Good Luck!!

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  4. Whoa, nicely done!
  5. Looks like a top hat lol. but very nicely done!
  6. Don't forget some icing fellas....I love icing. And maybe some sprinkles on top of the cool whip.
  7. mine has candles, but it failed, I got a photo though

    Uploading soon
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    My Tally-Ho cake. No tape or glue was used, only a stack of cards, Those are candles on the top if it wasn't clear.

    Happy 5th birthday Theory11!
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  10. hmm

    Is This a test? Cause I love my t11 cards waaaayyyy to much to make a cake out of them, yes even the old used ones. I do wish T11 the best as I have been around since day one. Instead I will send a gift of redbull, duct tape and perhaps a golden girl full season DVD wrapped in playing card incuts. However, it will be a print cause I like the uncuts just as much. Happy 5th and thanks for giving us nothing but the best!
  11. Wow that picture tuirned out big
  12. Looks great! you could shrink the picture a little.
  13. Extend deadline ? Too rushing for Asian people..
  14. My submission:

    Its a cake when you put it sideways ;)

    Deadlines should be later, its still early on the west coast :(
  15. have no tape or glue. So I figured "Let's do this stack style." I then realized, I have never stacked cards. Never stacked, never made a card house, ect. I quickly met my breaking point many times lol. However, after 7 complete it is. I know it is a bit misshapen, but it is the best cake I could do with some nice White frosting and candles.

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