Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

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  1. Hey guys! Because of the New Year coming just around the corner, we’ve all had some time to think about what we want to accomplish in 2012. We want to know what your goals are for the coming year. Something specific. Something you can and will achieve.

    So the contest tonight is very basic. All you have to do is list at least one goal that you have for yourself this coming year. That way, we can come back to these goals next year and see what we have collectively accomplished.

    Just post your goals in response to THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST tonight, and one random member will be chosen to receive a SIX PACK of Steampunk Playing Cards and SIX entries into our Holiday Contest!

    Let’s hear your goals for the new year!
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    I want to be able to perform coin magic as good and with enough confidence as my card magic!
  3. Read through Persi Diaconis' "Magical Mathematics" and better understand the mathematics in the Gilbreath Principle and Shuffling.
  4. I want to be able to perform coin magic as good and with enough confidence as my card magic
  5. My goal is to help further live magic performances on YouTube. I'm hoping that by posting some more footage of myself performing will encourage others to film their performances as well
  6. Related to the world of cards, my main goal for 2012 is to get my own deck design finalized. I suppose Theory11 doesn't want more competition, but independent folks have good ideas too. :)
  7. Perform at least two stage shows, and to begin doing regular party gigs.
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    Magical Goals:

    My goal for 2012, on top of not dying because of the end of the world, is to start performing small parties and/or birthdays and to start developing more intense mentalism effects (as well as finish the one I am working on now, in which two bills visually fuse together before changing into a new bill).

    My goal is relatively simple, but is a large step for me and my magic.
  9. My goal is to practice slights and useful moves more until I have them down absolutely perfectly. We all know the essential moves- the double lift, the pass, the palm, etc...., but besides from professional magicians, they are rarely performed at a high level. I, myself, will not contribute to the "poorly done" magician type, and will practice these moves until they are without a doubt perfect. It irks me whenever I can clearly catch a slight when watching a fellow magician, and it drives me to perfect my moves so someone else cannot spot them when I perform. This is my goal for 2012- absolute perfection in the sleights and useful maneuvers.
  10. My goal for 2012 is to get a job working my magic in the restaurants of my college/the neighboring area. Finishing high school and can't wait to get to college!

    Also, I want to read more magic books than DVDs in this new year; I have already bought myself a copy of Bobo's and Erdnase, then I'll probably move into some of Ricki Dunn's material.
  11. My goals :
    1. Be one of the WIRE artist ;)
    2. Buy a new ride :D
    3. Purposes my girl soon as possible. :)

    Hoping your goals coming true guys.. goodluck for contest
  12. My goal for 2012 : learn 4 of Jason England's videos. And be able to do them very well.
  13. I want to be able to have the confidence to perform in the streets and share my magic with the world
  14. What do i want?

    to survive
  15. The one goal I can set and come back to this and see the progress is to put a routine together worthy of taking downtown to Savannah, GA and performing. This means I will need to learn a lot a more tricks, learn how to effectively patter, a lot of mirror time, and overcome a slight fear of public speaking. I will do this while becoming a better husband for my wife and better father for my 3 year old and juggle the stress of the army. Unachievable? I THINK NOT!! Here's to 2012!!! Happy New Years All!!!!!
  16. Contest Entry

    During this year i would really like to master some coin magic and cardistry. Of course only from Theory 11 thank you for 2011 and can't wait for what you have planned for us in 2012.
  17. Do GREAT at school and study as much as possible and become a freak but keep on doing magic as a hobby.
  18. stop cheating at the card table & preform more magic for people
    Happy New Year Dear friends!
  19. i want to master mentalism and coin tricks this year :)
  20. My goal is to build up enough confidence to start doing some street magic, rather than just sticking to friends and family. Here's hoping I'll get some good reactions!

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