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Saturday Night Contest - Happy New Year!

Dec 31, 2011
My goals for the new year is:

1. Become a better magician
2. Be nicer to others
3. Live every day, like there's no tomorrow
Sep 7, 2008
It's funny - I remember writing a very similar post in response to a SNC a few years back. Before I go out for the night, it's fun to remember how 2011 went. For me, I was pleased with the magic I learned, the tricks I published, and I received the phone call of a lifetime.

In 2012, I hope to not only finish my second semester of my senior year with good grades, but to continue pursuing magic during college. I know that many people struggle to find an equilibrium between studies, fun, and magic; I hope to balance everything and continue doing what I love.

Happy new year!

Michael Kras

{dg} poet laureate / theory11
Sep 12, 2007
My goals are all things I know I'm driven and passionate enough to do.

1. Do something to make my theatre company known.

2. Be involved in at least 5 more theatre productions (Acting, directing, playwriting, or singing)

3. Start and finish writing my first full-length epic monologue/one-man show

4. Tell a certain girl how I feel.

5. Work toward winning another magic or theatre award.

2012 is going to be a big important year in my life as I emerge from high school and enter a world of independence. Daunting, even terrifying. But far from impossible.

Happy New Year!
Feb 9, 2011
In 2012 I will complete the scripting and development of my new close-up card magic act and will have made significant progress working out the bugs and honing it to a smooth performance through endless hours of practice and critique.

I will also introduce one new person to the world of professional magic who I have identified as someone I believe will become a serious student of the art.
Jun 6, 2010
Nashville, TN
I have a couple of new year's resolutions that I really do intend to keep because they are actual goals of mine, not just something on a checklist.

1. Get a magic related job whether its working regularly at a restaurant, doing private gigs, or working with a magic company, I want to have some sort of job where I would be involved with magic somehow that I get paid for.

2. Perform More: I usually don't have a problem with being nervous or anything like that, but I feel like I haven't been performing as much as I think I should. There have been tons of opportunities for me to perform publicly that I passed up, whether it's for 2 people or 200 people.

3. Become more involved with Video Production: This doesn't really have much to do with magic but video production is another passion of mine and is something that I want to do as a career. I want to get better at this and start building the foundation I need to be able to do it as a career later on. I already do a lot of this kind of stuff (Youtube, Church, School, etc.) but I want to start doing more.

I have a lot more resolutions, but I don't want to waste space or bore you so I picked my top 3. :)
I want to get more confident when I perform on the streets or generally for spectators/people. Also I want to get a little bit more into the cardistry/flourishing scene and I hope to get better at XCM.
In gerneral I hope to improve myself magic and XCM skills.
Happy New Year


Elite Member
Aug 3, 2010
Dominican Republic

Good night everyone, my goal for 2012 is something that can be difficult to archive but I think it will worth the effort, I just want to become someone in the magic community, I don't care about the money or becoming famous but I want to feel like a real magician and show that here in Dominican Republic we also have talent in magic.

Happy new year everyone! :)


Elite Member
Oct 20, 2011
For 2012 I want to have three of my original ideas to be formed into fully developed routines by the end of the year! I also want to start do a party/gig at least once every week, and hopefully help teach other new-comer magicians some basic help principles so they can further themselves. :)

Edit: I also want to do a couple free charity events for a few charities involving Mitochondrial disease and Autism !
Mar 12, 2011
I want to be able to get over all the problems I sadly created for myself in 2011 and just have a better year in which I hopefully won't create another more difficult year for myself and my family and friends.
Dec 23, 2007
Fredonia, NY
My goal for 2012 is to Find a job with my brand new photography degree. To continue developing my independent photography series "Photographic magic" and to find a venue to exhibit it within. Additionally i want to continue to perform regularly at paid gigs and most importantly i want to donate my time to more charity events specifically fundraisers like the two i did last month for Cancer awareness. It is my goal to hopefully find ways to enrich the lives of others this upcoming year through magic and my photography and bring everyone a few magical moments, however i can. Oh and i want to find some way to have a 1 on 1 conversation with Christen Gerhart... just kidding... but not really... maybe
This year is going to be big for me.

I have just enlisted in the US Air Force and I am waiting for my list of available jobs which I should receive within the next week or so. My goal is to do the best I can and have the time of my life doing it!!!

And I will keep up on my card magic during my free time... And visit as much as I can!!!

I hope everyone's goals come true!!! :) HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!
Aug 2, 2011
My goal is to limit the amount of different effects I do and perfect a certain few. It is easier said than done because it is so tempting to learn more and more.
Dec 31, 2011
My goal, although not magic related, is still the goal that i WILL achieve. My goal is to help others. I'm going to help less fortunate, old people, ill people, even my family. I've also seen a lot of kids getting bullied and beat up in my school so I'm going to try and prevent the things that happen to them. That will be my top goal of 2012 other than not dying on Dec. 21, 2012. Lol
Dec 31, 2011
I love magic. But during this past year, I've kinda slacked off. I typically get aggravated when I drop cards during flourish practice, or when I'm practicing a trick and I just can't get it right. This is why my new years resolution is to practice practice practice. I'm gonna do it everyday and not stop until it's mastered. When I perform, i sometimes get nervous. Another part of my resolution Is getting the confidence to perform for ANYBODY. I don't care who you are, I'm right there ready to perform. The last part of my resolution is making people smile and their day better. I always love it when I'm done with a trick and the spectator smiles-clearly making their day better. It's just something I love.
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