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  1. Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend! Tomorrow is July 31st, which marks the fictional birthday of Harry Potter. The novels and films are synonymous with the world of magic, and we thought it would be fitting to pay a tribute to the series that has brought and continues to bring joy and wonder all around the world.

    The challenge for this week's contest is to create and/or perform an effect that would replicate or come close to a spell from the series. For example, one of the most popular spells is the levitation charm (wingardium leviosa). This spell causes an object to float in mid-air. There is also a reparation spell which is useful for torn and restored effects. There are countless spells in the world of Harry Potter, so the sky is the limit! It doesn't have to be exactly like the spell you choose, but get your effect to be as close as you can. The objective is to have fun with it!

    Film and upload your performance to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram and post the link to your video in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow night, Sunday, July 31st. After time is up, we will go through all submissions and decide on a winner based on creativity and execution. Bonus points for dressing up in Harry Potter style! (not required). One submission per member!

    What will the winner take home? 1,000 Elite Member Points and SMOKE 2.0 by Alan Rorrison, shipped on the house anywhere in the world.

    We hope you guys have a lot of fun with this one. Good luck, wizards!
  2. Good Luck at all!
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  3. Good luck to all involved!
  4. Are we allowed to do multiple tricks in one video?
  5. You can, but remember we are looking for quality, not quantity. We recommend picking the best one of the bunch, but it is completely up to you!
  6. Good Luck Everyone!!
  7. Will bad camera quality effect the decision?
  8. Looks like I am the first one. :)
    I (Harry Potter) used a spell COLOR - CHANGE CHARM.
    Description: Changes an object's colour.

    But it didn't went so well...
    How many changes did you spot?

  9. So it can be about 6 minutes long with multiple tricks? Of not I can change my video but as of now that's what's uploading to YouTube. Good luck to everyone as always!
  10. Absolutely not. Production quality is never a factor in create-a-trick contests! If we can see the effect, it counts! :)
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  11. We would prefer just one effect as it makes the judging process clear and concise.
  12. Alright, then is it okay if I link the longer video with a timestamp to the effect I'll submit for this contest since I've already edited it and put it together? I don't know if I'll have time to refilm it.

    Here is the video for reference. Start at 5:10 for what I want judged this week if that's alright.

  13. Damn just realized I made a cardinal sin..... I forgot what spell did what.... hope the judges dont cancel my entry on the basis of wrong spell.... The correct spell was expelliarmus and I made the video for expecto patronum........ In my defence i can only say its been more than 5 years since I read the last harry potter book....ppl sometimes forget :)
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  14. How a dark wizard would use an unforgivable curse to fold muggle money:

    Hope you all like it and good luck to everyone!
  15. You really made me smile your presentation and personality :) Good job man!
  16. Here is my submission !

    Monarcho Reparo - Spell to repair Monarch Playing Cards !

    It is a TnR effect created by me, as far as my limited knowledge goes. If anyone else would have something similar, by all means please correct me so the I can rightfully credit, even if I reached it somewhat independently.

    Took me the entire day but sorry for the lack of editing skills and videography, still learning the ropes (One SNC at a time :p )

    Good Luck, everyone !

    (P.S: Annotation subtitles cause I simply dislike my recorded voice..)

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  18. Here's my entry, good luck everyone!


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