Saturday Night Contest - I Am Anonymous

Jan 24, 2009
Good evening. I am anonymous. I am an artist. I am old and I am new, here. More information will be shown and displayed within the next 72 hours. For now, I have been invited to lead this week's Saturday Night Contest. This is official.

The rules are simple - ask me a question, and I will answer. All questions must be able to be answered with a simple YES or NO. I will only select 20 questions to be answered tonight, and each of you may ask me a limit of 3 questions. Choose them wisely.

Questions may not directly request my identity. Do not ask "are you (insert name here)." Questions that do, will not be answered. Questions may be on any topic - performance, theory, presentation. I will not reveal my identity tonight, but by seeing the answers to your own questions, you may have some ideas.

All questions must be submitted in response to this thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight. I will respond to the 20 chosen questions on or before midnight EST with my answers. Ask me anything.

Cerca Trova...

Jul 26, 2008
Hmm... Not sure if I believe this, because if it was real, wouldn't there be a prize? It's not a contest if there's nothing to compete for or against.


Jan 11, 2008
Has there ever been a point in your career were you've just wanted to give up and quit and do something else?

Do you think everyone should have their own style in magic?

Has there ever been a learning experience in magic that affected you or your career?
Sep 2, 2007
are you a card magician?

Are you a flourisher?

Are you a general close up/street performer? (Everything)
Aug 12, 2008
1. Have you released a book, DVD, or trick available on this website?
2. Have you released a book, DVD, or trick available on another website?
3. Do you limit your performaces to just a deck of cards?
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