Saturday Night Contest - Impossible Snapshot!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Jan 9, 2021.

  1. Hey guys! Hope everyone is having a great weekend! It’s been a while since we have done one of these types of contests, so let's just jump into it.

    Your challenge is to take a picture of something that looks impossible. For example, get a snapshot of an object impossibly “balancing” on your hand. Have an object “levitate” under your control. Your job is to make the action in the photo LOOK impossible. The method can be the most impractical thing on the planet; even a still frame from multiple photos will work! The criteria is as follows: creativity, composition, lighting, and one more factor: make it look as convincing as possible that it’s real. Only catch? No photoshopping . It has to be a real photo taken directly from the camera, but color correction is allowed.

    Post your photo to Instagram (or upload directly in your response) using the hashtags #theory11 and post the link to your photo in response to THIS forum thread by no later than 11:00pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, January 10th. Once time is up, our panel of judges will decide on a winner based on the criteria listed above.

    Every single entry requires a NEW photo submission. There are no old photos allowed whatsoever in any contest; past, present, or future. Each participant that is caught cheating and submitting old photos will be permanently banned from any and all theory11 contests in the future.

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, and a Variety Box, shipped on the house anywhere in the world!

    Good luck!
  2. Best of luck, everyone!
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  3. Do we get any points for taking a comedic approach to the challenge?
  4. What happens if you don't have Instagram cus I don't :(
    Does that mean I can't take part?
    Another question...
    Can I do tricks that I got from theory11 itself or does it have to be non Theory11 item related?
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  6. you can post it here directly... I assume you can do that.. besides, Instagram is free.. so you can do an account for this and future contests
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  7. Go for it!
  8. Stated in contest rules, you can upload the photo directly in the forums. Doesn't have to be theory11 related. Anything that looks impossible!
  9. Good Luck Everyone!
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  10. When Love catches your heart, nothing else really matters anymore...
    No ups, no downs, no gravity, just pure color and lightness in your previous faded and dark mess.
    2 people in ♥️, like the mirror of one true self, feels just like Magic...

  11. I didn't understand what color correction is. Can we use any kind of filters?
  12. least I thought it was kinda funny..

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  13. Hello and Good Luck to everyone.


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  14. Wowowowowow
  15. Mate that's a beautiful shot !
    I had to look at it twice before figuring out the trickery (i think it's very smart and deceptive ) and if it wasn't for the subbtle hint in the description, i would have sworn it was photoshoped... So congrats for that, plus the text you wrote along uses lots of symbolism, it really is awesome !

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  16. I didn't notice it saying only one submission, so if we are only allowed one, please ignore this one and go with the balancing cards i submitted first, unless of course y'all like this one more, than I totally meant to submit this one first...:)

    Not even sure this counts since its just something I painted on the back of my house, and it was done some years ago. I have never submitted it to anything/anyone/for any reason before. I included my wife, cuz some people don't see the illusion and I thought she might help with the visual.

    It seems to be giving me different options this time for uploading photo, not sure if it is still attaching full image. I may have to post twice so image is visible...
  17. Hi everyone,
    Hope you like this photo that I created using Pepper's ghost effect, if needed I'll post behind the scenes photos.
    Good luck everyone!!!
  18. I always dreamed of being Harry Potter and going to Hogwarts. The part which appealed to me the most was flying on a broomstick. I am still thrilled by the very thought of it. But I realize, that even if we can't fly in real life, we can make things fly. The secret behind the spell "Wingardium Levi-O-sa" has finally been unleashed:

    Good luck to everyone!

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