Saturday Night Contest - Inside the Box

Nov 15, 2007
Ada Oklahoma
Ok, so I got home about 20 minutes ago and my computer just now got loaded, I know that my guess probably won't be counted but oh well here it is.

33 decks= 1716 + 99 (1 ad card and 2 jokers.) = 1815



ceo / theory11
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
As the first sentence of tonight's contest proclaimed, appearances can be very deceiving. And this box was quite deceiving. The variables in every experiment are dictated by the controls. For this contest, we wanted to play fair - kind of. The scale was not altered or Photoshopped. The images were not doctored, other than to make them look a little prettier. So what happened?

The images were taken at a specific angle, and a specific distance. The pictures were taken from afar, which prevented you from seeing that the scale registered not 7 pounds - but 7 ounces. The scale only goes up to one pound before the pin swivels clockwise and starts again. But why did it say 7 ounces? It wasn't because two (3.5 oz) decks were in that box. It was because eight decks were hidden, stacked, under the box - outside of the box - outside of the camera's view from above. The 7 ounce weight was that of the 8 hidden decks - and the weight of the box - which caused the scale to go haywire.

And the box full of cards? Not so much. Inside the box was another box that occupied 90% of it's interior, leaving just a small space at the top for a few cards - glued to the top of the inner box - to be shown. So how many cards were actually in the box? Tonight's real answer was - you guessed it - one full deck, including Jokers and ad cards - 56 cards. The prize tonight goes to MitchellStafiej, who was the first (but not the only) to post the correct number on page 4 of this forum thread.

All around, great work by all. Many of you thought outside the box (no pun intended) to figure this one out, and many of you were very close. Congratulations, and see attached picture for a visual of what went down. Until next week...


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Oct 14, 2007
Wow...I don't care that I didn't win....but come on!!!

On the second page or so I asked if the box was full of cards or if there was something else in the one answered.....that's not fair.

It's kind of like's a picture of a many cards are inside? there's NO logical or illogical way of guessing.

The contest was misleading from the get-go....when J Bayme said that the box had "lots of cards in it".......56 cards isn't LOTS of cards.....

and here I actually thought that this contest would be the most fair....most random contest...I should have known there would be something contrived with the results.
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