Saturday Night Contest - iPredict the Score!

Casey Rudd

Director of Operations
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Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
What’s going on guys! Hope you all are having a fantastic week!

Yesterday, we released a brand new effect with Greg Rostami, creator of iForce and iPredict. The effect is iPredict+, and is a prediction effect that can happen on the spectator’s own phone! It’s a powerful effect where the spectator’s card is mysteriously revealed through a recorded voicemail or text message. I got to see this for myself about a month ago, and it blew me away. The method is ingenious!

Speaking of predictions and psychics, the Super Bowl is tomorrow. What does this have to do with predictions? That’s what tonight’s contest is based off of.

What you guys have to do is correctly guess the winner AND score of the Super Bowl that takes place tomorrow. Each member has 2 guesses, and should be formatted in the following way to make it easy for us to determine the winner:

Winner: New England Patriots
Score: 38-17

That’s it! ALL ENTRIES should be posted in response to THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST tonight! Any entries afterward will NOT be eligible!

What will the winner take home? A football signed by the theory11 creative team; Jonathan Bayme, Michael James, and Andrei Jikh!

Can you predict the future? Give it a shot.
Dec 31, 2011
Saturday night Contest Entry

Winner: New York Giants
Score- 28-17

Winner: New England Patriots
Score: 12-21
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