Saturday Night Contest - Just Keep Spinning

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  1. Hey guys, hope you’re all having a great weekend! The moment everyone has been waiting for arrives on Monday at 11am EST. THE RETURN OF THE HOLIDAY WHEEL! We want you all to spin the wheel, but we also have another kind of spinning on our minds.

    Your challenge this week is to create a cardistry move that involves a spin. The number of spins can be up to you, however we want to see a cardistry move that involves a spin in some way. The spin has to at least be a complete 360 degree rotation. We’re looking for creativity, originality, and execution. The more creative and original the better, but we are also looking for a smooth performance.

    Film and upload your video to either YouTube, Vimeo, or Instagram (if on Instagram hashtag it #theory11) and post the link in response to THIS forum thread by no later than tomorrow, Sunday, December 2nd at 11:00pm EST.

    What can you win? 1,000 Elite Points, and 6 Decks of ANY in-stock deck of your choice! You will also receive 6 spins on the upcoming Holiday Wheel!

    Good luck!
  2. Good luck to all involved!
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  3. Yes! I actually have a great idea for this!
  4. Good luck guys
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  5. Good luck every one
  6. I love the idea of this one
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  7. Definitely not the most original thing but here is my entry. I actually haven't practiced Cardistry for a while now.
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  8. Ooh I love spins and I have an idea in mind for this.
  9. Dose a packet spin in the hand count as a spin?
  10. Good Luck Everyone!!
  11. Not a cardfish..... Entering for the spins at the wheel.

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  12. Does a packet spinning 360 in air count as a spin? I have no idea what the cardistry terms are
  13. Was working on this almost the whole day but still couldn't find the perfect closer so this is what I could come up with...

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  14. Tried to come up with something a bit atypical for this one. Good luck everyone!

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  16. It counts!
  17. My Entry:
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