Saturday Night Contest - Just Like a King!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Casey Rudd, Sep 17, 2011.

  1. What's going on guys! Hope this week has been going great for you all.

    The man, the myth, the legend - David Copperfield - has been crowned the King of Magic, the highest awarded honor given by the Society of American Magicians. Yesterday was also the King's birthday. We would like to celebrate it in a huge, yet comical, way.

    Perform a magic effect in the style of David Copperfield. Seriously. Well, not actually seriously. We're looking for the more creative, the funnier, the better. Check out THIS example from Conan O'Brien.

    Make sure your video is family friendly. We don’t want to hear or see anything vulgar or obscene. Make it funny. The more magical gestures, the better.

    Post your video response to YouTube or Vimeo, and link us to your video as a response to THIS forum thread no later than 11:00pm EST. After the deadline, we will be viewing all submissions to find the very best one.

    What shall the winner take home? You can receive 1 JAQK Cellars Deck, Conjuring Art's brand NEW deck “Ask Alexander” (not yet available for sale), and your choice of ANY product currently available on The Wire. That's more than 30 options to choose from!

    We want you guys to have loads of fun with this one tonight. Do your best. We can't wait to see everyone's impersonations!

    Ask Alexander Box Back.jpg
  2. Do you have to look like him???
  3. You got my vote...very funny!
  4. Alright here goes nothing...I just performed my best really, my BEST TRICK. I don't even know if it fits the category, I just want to show it off... ;o) yeaaaaaaaaaaa
  5. Alright guys, less than an hour to get your entries in! It can just be a quick little video if you don't have time to edit it together. We want to see what all of you have got!
  6. I hope I have a chance at this one...
  7. [video=youtube;8g3vUiuGqeI][/video]

    i tried posting this earlier. hopefully itll go through this time!
  8. Alright guys, results are in!

    After watching all the great video entries, we agreed that the winner of this week's prize is Mystic Sleights! Please send me a PM with your email address and mailing info!

    Thanks again to everyone that entered. We appreciate your love for the king of magic!
  9. Way to go Mystic, pretty funny stuff.
  10. Congrats to our winner tonight! Mystic, your video was hilarious! Congrats on taking home the top prize.
  11. Hilarious vid, Mystic Sleights! Loved it and made me laugh out loud at the fan sequence! Congratulations!

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