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  1. In honor of our latest 1-on-1 training release from the mind of Michael Hankins - the Harbor Change - tonight's Saturday Night Contest focuses in on a move that allows you to seemingly and visually change one playing card into another, often in the blink of an eye: the color change.

    There are a countless number of color changes in existence, today. Your goal tonight is to create a video involving color changes in any way you'd like. We're looking for creativity, but videos can be as simple as a clip of you performing your favorite color change or as complex as a whole color change sequence. The more unique and original, the better - though you can obviously use any of the many color changes that have been published in the past.

    All submissions should be uploaded to YouTube, Vimeo, or and posted as a response to this thread no later than 11:00pm EST, for judging. The winner tonight will receive a six pack of Bicycle 125's, sent completely on the house. Good luck guys!
  2. Sounds like a cool idea, I noticed that the prize changed from a 1-ON-1 to Bicycle 125s. :) Good luck to all
  3. Sounds like a really cool idea.

    One question though, can we just make a compilation of a bunch of different color changes?
  4. Absolutely. The more unique / creative your submission is, the better.
  5. Is there any way we can get the Theory 11 beginning as an intro to put in our videos? I'm just curious, not trying to be annoying. I'd like to go all out this time, even though I just have a webcam, I'll do my best. :)

  6. Yeah, I do it all the time. You need FireFox web browser.

    1. Download the add-on "Unplug" it allows you to download videos from youtube

    2. Find a theory11 video on youtube (best quality you can find)

    3. Download it

    4. Use the intro
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    HAHAHA! I had an idea for some color changes in a (very small) routine as soon as I saw the Harbor Change. Sadly I only decided to actually get the Harbor Change today so I have yet to perfect it. Which means I had to substitute where the Harbor change should have been for a different one :( Regardless, heres's the link.

    If it doesn't work I'll update it later, just let me know :)

    edit: I just realized that the sound is a lot worse than I thought. You may have to turn your volume up...sorry!
  8. do we have to use just one colour change or is it as many as we want?
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  10. chriswiehl, you cant submit vids you shot 9 months ago, i think the idea is to do it in one night
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  12. Im sorry but that was absolutey horrific. You need to practice more, a lot more. You might want to take the video down, it exposes pretty much all the techniques you use(not really the tip of the worry list)

    I suggest buying Born to Perform Card Magic by Oz Pearlman. Its in my opinion the best dvd to buy for beginners. Others might say Royal Road to Card Magic or Erdnase...but those books can be pretty discouraging.

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