Saturday Night Contest - Let's Talk About Genesis (podcast)

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  1. Late last night, we announced the formal release date for GENESIS v1 by Andrei Jikh: October 31st at 11:00pm EST. This will be the culmination of over six months of production, hundreds of hours of video, and years of innovation in cardistry. We are extremely excited about it.

    As we have released very little details as of yet regarding the exact contents of this project, we thought it proper to take the time tonight to record a podcast answering questions you have for Andrei about cardistry in general, Genesis, or any other relevant topic at hand.

    Questions should be submitted in response to THIS forum thread - and must be posted on or before 11:00pm EST tonight in order to be eligible for discussion within the podcast. We will post the podcast around midnight tonight EST. One random member who submits a question tonight and participates in this cardistry discussion will receive a copy of Genesis v1 on the house.

    Limit of three questions each - let's try to make these as constructive as can be about cardistry - it's past, present, and future.
  2. how long have you been flourishing? on average, how much did/do you practice
  3. what is the skill level of genisis?
  4. Which is your favorite move on Genesis?
  5. Do yuo think that your family being involved with the circus has given you the discipline needed to do the cardistry moves you do?
  6. is everything on genisis original/ did you create it all?
  7. 1. What's the price of Genesis going to be?
  8. Do you miss decknique?
  9. What does the production, and the soon to be release, of Genesis V1 (and as a whole) mean to you on a personal level?

  10. Hey guys.

    Out of all the artforms in the world, why did you get caught up in cardistry? One would think that with a background like yours would get you into what your family did but you chose this. What separated it from the rest for you? Also one more quick one, do you actually learn/create/perform magic or is it strictly cardistry? ttylz
  11. What started you in flourishing?
    How long do you practice?
    How do YOU create a flourish? Do you have an idea beforehand or do you stumble upon the idea?
  12. What was your main focus when working on genisis?
  13. 2. You talk about Genesis sometimes with Volume 1 in the name. Does this mean there will be a second volume? Do you have any plans for it?

    3. If you could not name Genesis, Genesis, then what would you name it? In other words, what else could you call the project besides Genesis?
  14. What should we expect in Genisis Vol. 1?
    Any magic on it or just flourishing?
    What's youre favorite flourish on the DVD?
  15. If you could change one thing about cardistry, what would that be?
  16. 1. What are your thoughts on Cardistry in general?
  17. when did you get your first deck of cards and what did you do with it?
  18. You obviously feel that you have put your best efforts, with regards the content, into this DVD. Do you still feel that buzz for creativity, dispite having such a large number of moves published? Will this help you personally, to create more movements and concepts, as you're commiting these to history?
  19. I would like to start the cardistry, the Genesis will ideal for me or not?
  20. Is the teaching of genesis in regular right hand mechanics grip, or left hand?

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