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  1. What's up everyone, hope you guys are enjoying the weekend! If you haven't heard already: The NoMad, in collaboration with theory11, presents THE MAGICIAN - an intimate evening of magic, mystery, and deception. Every Friday at The NoMad in New York City starring Dan White. The first show sold out in SEVEN minutes! See the full preview and additional details at We posted an image on our Instagram making this announcement on the 17th, and that is our inspiration for this week's contest.

    The challenge for this week's contest
    is to capture an image of an object in levitation, using any method you desire. For example, you can take a picture of a deck of cards "in levitation" by using invisible thread, simply throwing it into the air and snapping a photo, or attaching it to the end of a broomstick - you name it. You can use ANY object you want and ANY method you desire. The choice is yours.

    Take a picture of your object in levitation, and post it on either Instagram (hashtag #theory11), or a website like Imgur. Once your picture is uploaded to either source, post the link to your images in response to THIS forum thread no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow (Sunday, March 22nd). Each member gets a maximum of two entries a piece. Make them count!

    We are judging this week's contest based on originality, creativity, and execution of your levitation. Also, no photoshopping allowed. Period.

    What can you win this week? 1,000 Elite Member Points, our newest release The Side Steal with Jason England, and 3 Decks of MailChimp Playing Cards, shipped on the house, anywhere in the world.

    Good luck!
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  2. My 2nd entry. Not sure if this can count as "levitate" but it's a real picture of myself :p
    And it hurts a lot
  3. Well I think again and in my 2nd entry I did levitate the ball with my butt :p
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  5. Sorry my psychokinesis is so bad, after running 2 miles...
    so it's kind of 'shaking' and i can't levitate more than 2 card .. in normal day i can levitate up to 5 card
    what a bad day

    lol JK
  6. By the way there is no camera tricks or Photoshop were used
  7. Have we done this contest before or am I experiencing major déjà vu?
  8. Yeah but that was a little over a year ago.

    || Steven

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