Saturday Night Contest - Lucky Guess

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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
Seattle, WA
Hey everyone,

The last three weeks have been some pretty challenging Saturday Night Contests. Tonight we thought it would be nice to relax with a super easy and simple contest.

I just moved to Seattle, and today I began to unload my playing card collection back into its cabinet. One of my more recent acquisitions was a deck of Red JAQK playing cards. I opened this deck up, removed the ad cards, then shuffled it for a few minutes. Without looking, I removed 3 cards and placed them into the empty tuck case. Your goal tonight - Guess what they are.

The contest is as simple as it comes. Guess the three specific cards. The order does not matter. One guess per person. Post your guess formatted like “Ace of Spades, King of Hearts, Two of Hearts”. The contest ends tonight at 11 PM EDT.

The person who first correctly guesses all three cards (or the first person to correctly guess two cards if nobody guesses all three) will win a three pack of Red JAQK playing cards, shipped on the house.

Good luck!

// L

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