Saturday Night Contest - Magic in da House!

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  1. What’s up guys!

    It’s time for another fun and challenging SNC to get those creative juices flowing. This week’s topic? Ordinary objects you find in your house. Tonight’s contest is going to challenge your creativity and see what you can come up with ordinary objects.

    What you have to do tonight is film a video of a brand NEW effect, created with just household items. For example, in front of me are pens, bottle caps, a pair of glasses, envelopes, picture frames, cell phone, and light bulbs. You can use as many household objects as you like, but there is only one rule; NO CARDS! The possibilities are endless on what you can come up with.

    Make a video of your new effect and upload it to Youtube, Vimeo, or any other website in which we can view your submission. The deadline tonight for your submissions is 11:00PM EST. Only one video can be entered, so make it count!

    The prize up for grabs is your choice of ONE of the new FIVE releases being unveiled this Wednesday night. Get started on your effects; can’t wait to see everyone’s videos!
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    Haha, I love the title. Anyway, I've thought of something, might film if I can think of a way to make it work :). Also does the winner get one release of his/her choice? or has the prize been pre-determined?


    - Jenai
  3. Your choice! :)
  4. Ahh Cool!. Thanks Casey!
  5. Saturday night contest

    I have an idea with a piece of candy, is that ok?
  6. As long as your candy isn't made of playing cards, then yes, that qualifies!
  7. Can it use a card box?
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  10. here is a dry humor video. it was funny for me and the camerawoman. haha and my gf (featured walkin in the background.)

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