Saturday Night Contest - Make a Riddle / Receive the Clue


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Jul 23, 2007
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Over the past few days, our team has posted a series of clues around the theory11 site. Some of these have been very easy to find. Some of these have been very difficult. If you don't know where to start, a good place to begin would be this forum thread - now over 54 pages in length and rising. With each clue we post, more details emerge as to what we are planning. We promise it will be well worth the wait.

Tonight, we thought we would turn the tables. Instead of posting riddles for YOU to solve to find the clues, we're going to post the ANSWERS. Your job is to make a riddle for THREE of the following six words - your choice. The riddle may not contain the word, and should be clever, unique, creative, and original.

You can choose whichever THREE words of the six listed below that you wish. Your task is just to write riddles for three of them, and post your three submissions in response to this forum thread. You have until 11:00pm EST tonight to make it happen. Take your time - be creative.

What does the winner take home? A clue. The winner of tonight's contest as determined by our team will receive something special in the mail this coming week, sent on the house. What is it? You'll have to wait and see...

Cards || Glass || Notebook || Dream || Picture || Watch

NOTE: Please specify which words your riddles correspond to. You can just write the word in parenthesis after each respective riddle. As an example off the top of my head for the word WATCH: "I tell you when it is, but not where it is." (watch)


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Sep 13, 2008
1) Mr. Grey keeps one of these in his attic. (Picture)

2) Ricky Jay's famous assistants. (Cards)

3) I once was sand, now I slowly flow in church walls. (Glass)

(Had to make these up quick because I'm off to a performance)
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Nov 10, 2007
Your whole day, may revolve around this ONE moment. (Picture)

As you try to describe this event, you seem as if you can never remember.(Dream)

This can make or break your satisfaction.(Glass)

Well those are my submissions.
Good luck to everybody

Thank you
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1. What is portrayed as infinite time may be a pathway to infinite ideas. Infinite ideas may leave one in limbo. (Dream)

2. Do not overwhelm my extremities. A hard task indeed, extremities are easy to see but not to touch. (Watch)

3. Clean & crisp then filled to the brim with crubbers. One tempest & clean & crisp again. (Notebook)

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Joseph C

(1) I may seem slow now, but I'll go faster when I get my second wind. (watch)

(2) Use me to build a house or give your bridge a hand. (cards)

(3) Though one speaks a thousand words, these ten speak it. (picture)
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Sep 7, 2008
1) Millions of people and objects can be involved, but only you know about it. (Dream)
2) Many people claim they can talk to the dead, but I can help you see the dead. (Picture)
3) When you look at me, I give you the information you want. I change every time you look. (Watch)
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Jul 23, 2007
New York City
For those that have posted already, if possible, please edit your post to specify which words your riddles correspond to. For example, you can just write the word in parenthesis after each respective riddle. As a quick example: "I tell you when it is, but not where it is." (watch)
Jan 30, 2010
Tusk, North Carolina
I make up a coalition between four great Kings with numerous soldiers that follow them (cards)

Made of countless stones, I set up barriers, yet am easily broken down (glass)

I am the metronome of an endless song, many waste their lives away listening to me count the beat (watch

Great contest JB, should have some unique submissions tonight :)
Riddle Number 1:

Time flies by as you look and see,
You set your life at the look of me,
Always nearby when you are in a pinch,
Figuring this out should be a sinch.

What am I? (Watch)

Riddle Number 2:

In a land of wonder Alice appeared,
Trapped in a kingdom by a ruler much feared,
Red and Black are our colors, its easy to see,
Do you have any idea, what I might be?

What am I? (Cards)

Riddle Number 3:

In Lewis Carroll's tale, dear Alice slipped through,
Back in the kingdom of the land that she knew,
Crystal clear like water, but easy to break,
Have you guessed what I am, don't make a mistake.

What am I? (Glass)
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Michael Kras

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Sep 12, 2007
Here are my submissions, I thought very hard on them. Good luck to everyone!!

1. The loved, the hated, the rich, the poor among them… Fancy that, all of them together. (Cards... loved-hearts, hated-spades, rich-diamonds, poor-clubs... fancy= Fan, see)

2. Iced-over, tangible memory of the lightning freeze. (Picture, photograph specifically)

3. The inevitable routine… once every 24 hours, and seldom remembered. (Dream)
Jul 16, 2008
somewhere in New York
What has the power to hold secrets and infinate ideas? (notebook)

Observing this object closely can keep you on track and tells of the past present and future (watch)

What can be easily forgotten or remembered forever? (dream)
May 19, 2010
1.I have no head but many faces, no veins but many hearts, and when cut I do not bleed. What am I?(cards)

2.People ask to see me but not by name. I have two hands but no arms. And coins love hiding under me. What am I?(watch)

3.Only you can see it, only you can feel it, but everyone has it. What is it?(dream)


Feb 9, 2010
You may die in this, but you shall live. You may fulfill your life's desires in this, but you will be left unsatisfied at a later time. To tell you the truth, you may not even remember me. (Dream)

Much information can be stored in me. I may be wide or otherwise for education. (Notebook)

I can be many colors. Sometimes however, when I change colors, I appear not to exist. (Glass)


The guy in front of me did awesome! Good luck Fish!
Jun 6, 2010
my entry

{cards} I have have several hands, over 4 dozen friends, and i am popular at parties.

{glass} i am versital, fragile, afraid of hights, and i show what you are through me.

{notebook} i am full of great ideas, alot of people depend on me, without other people, i am empty.


My Riddles

When you see with your eyes the surroundings vanish - (Dream)

This hard material was soft before the combustion - (Glass)

What is displayed on this is the light of the sky - (Watch)
May 25, 2010
!) In ways different, in ways the same.
A monarchy where no one rules,
and all are notorious gamblers. (Cards)

@) I have a band, yet don't play music.
A face, but no head,
and hands, but do not flourish.
I am needed to keep track of something that is only relative. (Watch)

#) Magic is an illusion of impossibility, whereas here the impossible becomes a surreal reality. (Dream)

It will be fun just reading everyone's submissions. Great contest.


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Jun 17, 2009
NE Ohio.
1 - A sea of ink upon the lines, ideas flow onto me from your mind. (notebook)
2 - A lucid veil of reality through this lens you see. (dream)
3 - A single moment lies in me, one reflection of what you once have seen. (picture)

Great entries everyone! As always, hoping for a first SNC win!



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Sep 2, 2007
Orlando, FL
When it's clean, it's plain. When it's stained, it's beautiful. - Glass

It's handy and dandy when put into use. When you look inside, it's full of ideas and clues. - Notebook (gotta love the Blue's Clues reference)

If you buy them, then you get four suits for $2. - Cards
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