Saturday Night Contest - {member+mashup} 2010

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  1. Apollo Robbins was in the theory11 studio this past week. During the week, he showed me some cool music mashups that he thought I would like. To give you an idea of what a mashup is, watch this video - it has 30 million views on YouTube. Essentially, it's a montage - combination of things.

    This week's contest is open for everyone. There is no excuse not to enter! All we're asking for is ELEVEN seconds. Your challenge is to make an 11 second video. Not a second more, and no less. Your video can show magic, cardistry, or anything else that you believe to be a representation of who YOU are.

    Anyone can participate - whether your video is of intense flourishing, a series of color changes, a quick trick, or whatever else you can fit into ONE eleven second video. You have a full 24 hours to make your video: this contest ends at 7:30pm EST on Sunday, October 17th. We want everyone to participate.

    Here's the dizzle: we're going to take EVERY submission that qualifies (ie, is appropriate and eleven seconds long) and edit them together into a theory11 member mashup. We will try our best to make sure every single submission is shown in part in the mashup video, and it will be produced by theory11 to the best of our ability. Our goal is to make something that looks SLICK.

    The better your video is, the more prominently it will be featured in the mashup video. So do your best - make a true representation of yourself and your talent. The final result will be posted on the main page of theory11 to be viewed by tens of thousands of people. Show us what you can do.

    Videos should be uploaded to YouTube,, or Vimeo and posted as a link within THIS forum thread. If you use Vimeo, be sure to ALLOW downloads so we can use it within the mashup. By including your link within this forum thread, you allow theory11 to include the video within our mashup and edit it as we see fit. We promise to make you look good.

    Show us what you got.
  2. What is the prize xD !
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  4. can we have more than one entry?
  5. Is it okay if we make the video longer by editing it? Can we add our own music or will T11 provide it's own for the collage?
  6. I guess that's the prize =P
  7. i would also like to know about music. Should we be providing a track or leave it silent so T11 can overlay a track on the big mash up.
  8. I'm guessing it doesn't have to be just cards?

    Here is my entry. I know it runs a little long but I currently don't have any software to edit it. I hope you will still accept it.

    P.S. The card in the beginning is a red 10 of spades if you couldn't tell.
  10. We'll be replacing the music, so what you use doesn't matter too much. You are free to use whatever you wish (or none) in your video, though.

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