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  1. Hey guys! This weekend is very special for us as Monday is Memorial Day. Memorial Day is a federal holiday in the United States for remembering those who died while serving in the country's armed forces. These brave men and women put their lives on the line to protect our freedom every single day, and we will forever be grateful for their service. With that said, red, white, and blue is the theme tonight. But what are we going to do with those colors? Let's find out.

    Down below is a picture of 3 face down cards - a Red, White, and Blue Monarch. The identity of these cards are unknown. Your job is to correctly guess the identity of each card, specific to their back design. You get 2 guesses, so make them count! All guesses should be posted in response to this forum thread no later than 7:30pm EST tomorrow, Sunday, May 24th. The format of your answer should look like this:

    Red: Ace of Hearts
    White: 2 of Hearts
    Blue: 3 of Hearts

    Red: 4 of Hearts
    White: 5 of Hearts
    Blue: 6 of Hearts

    That's it! The person who correctly guesses the identity of each card or comes the closest first will receive 1,000 Elite Member Points, and 3 Decks of rare White & Gold Monarchs, on the house! Good luck!

    SNC - Memorial Day.png
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  2. As a veteran, thank you for doing a themed contest like this one on such an occasion.

    Red: 8 of clubs
    White: Queen of diamonds
    Blue: king of spades

    Red: 4 of spades
    White: 5 of hearts
    Blue: ace of clubs
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  3. Red: King of Spades
    White: 5 of Clubs
    Blue: 2 of Hearts

    Red: 10 of Hearts
    White: 8 of Spades
    Blue: 5 of Diamonds
  4. Red: 6 of Spades
    White: Queen of Diamonds
    Blue: 10 of Clubs

    Red: 7 of Diamonds
    White: King of Hearts
    Blue: 9 of Spades
  5. Red: 4 of Clubs
    White: 6 of Diamonds
    Blue: 2 of Diamonds

    Red: Queen of Clubs
    White: 3 of Hearts
    Blue: 10 of Clubs
  6. Red: 7 of Diamonds
    White: 2 of Hearts
    Blue: Jack of Spades

    Red: Ace of Diamonds
    White: 10 of Diamonds
    Blue: 3 of Clubs
  7. Red- 3 of clubs
    White- 8 of Hearts
    Blue- queen of clubs

    Red- 3 of diamonds
    White- 6 of clubs
    Blue - Ace of clubs
  8. Red: 5 of Clubs
    White: 10 of Spades
    Blue: King of Diamonds

    Red: Jack of Hearts
    White: Ace of Clubs
    Blue: 8 of Diamonds
  9. Red: 3 of clubs
    White: 9 of spades
    Blue: queen of hearts

    Red: Jack of Spades
    White: 2 of hearts
    Blue: 5 of spades
  10. Red-7 of spades
    White-King of spades
    Blue-2 of hearts

    Red-9 of clubs
    White-Queen of hearts
    Blue- 2 of clubs
  11. Red-4 clubs
    white-7 diamonds
    blue-jack of hearts

    red- 9 hearts
    white-king of spades
    blue-2 spades
  12. Red: K of clubs
    White: 9 of hearts
    Blue: Q of diamonds

    Red: 4 of spades
    White: 3 of hearts
    Blue: 2 of clubs
  13. Red: 6 of Hearts
    White: Jack of Hearts
    Blue: 8 of Spades

    Red: 10 of Clubs
    White: Queen of Clubs
    Blue: 4 of Hearts
  14. Red: 2 of diamonds
    White: 4 of spades
    Blue: 4 of clubs

    Red: 5 of hearts
    White: 8 of spades
    Blue: Jack of clubs
  15. Red:3 of clubs
    White: jack of heart
    Blue: queen of spades

    Red: 10 of clubs
    White: queen of hearts
    Blue: ace of spades
  16. Red: queen of hearts
    Blue: ace of spades
    White: king of hearts

    Red: 8 of hearts
    Blue : 9 of spades
    White : 3 of diamonds
  17. Red: Jack of Diamonds
    White: 8 of Hearts
    Blue: 8 of Spades

    Red: 2 of Hearts
    White: 7 of Hearts
    Blue: Ace of Spades
  18. Red: Jack of clubs
    White: Ace of Spades
    Blue: Nine of Clubs

    Red: 9 of hearts
    White: 6 of Spades
    Blue: 10 of diamonds
  19. Red: Jack of Hearts
    White: Ace of Diamonds
    Blue: Three of Spades

    Red: Jack of Diamonds
    White: Ace of Spades
    Blue: Eight of Clubs
  20. Red: Ace of Spades
    White: Ace of Hearts
    Blue: Ace of Clubs

    Red: Jack of Clubs
    White: Seven of Diamonds
    Blue: Four of Clubs

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