Saturday Night Contest - Merry Christmas 2011!

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  1. Ho ho ho! What’s that I hear? It’s the magical sound of the great Kenner Claus! Okay, I may be exaggerating. There is no Kenner Claus, but there IS a ChrisKennerMas, and it’s happening tonight here at theory11!

    Tomorrow is Christmas, and that means there are trees standing somewhere in your house with lights, ornaments, and the like. But what it doesn’t have is your specially made Holiday Ornament! Let me explain…

    The challenge is to make a holiday ornament using a deck of cards. The rules are simple. Use ONE deck of cards and/or the box (it can be less than a deck, but no more than a full one). You can use other items, like bells, but make sure you include cards in your ornament! You may use glue, scissors, tape, finger paints, Calen Morelli, etc. As always, THE MORE RIDICULOUS THE BETTER!

    Entries should be submitted in response to THIS forum thread by 11:00pm EST tonight. You can upload the picture as an attachment to your response, or you can upload it to any website in which we can publicly view it.

    The winner tonight will walk home with one of each of our FIVE new releases from last night. That is a Steampunk Deck, Charity Water Deck, The Whole Thing by Chris Mayhew DVD, PURE by Ekaterina - Cardistry DVD, and Dead Cut by Jason England – Download. That’s not all. You will also receive FIVE entries into our holiday contest! A big bundle up for grabs tonight!

    Hope you guys have a lot of fun with this one! We can’t wait to see the submissions!
  2. Great contest! Can't wait to see some of the creativity on this one. I'd participate as well but I have to put the kids to bed in a half hour and then play Santa myself tonight.
  3. Here is my Martha Stewart attempt lmao

    Not sure why it went sideways....tilt your heads lol

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  4. Where I live it's already Christmas :). I won't be participating but Merry Christmas guys.
  5. IMG_0451.jpg IMG_0452.jpg I used 34 blue cards for the snowflake ornament and 10 red cards for the garland. Its a snowflake made out of cards!
  6. Star Ornamental. Merry Christmas everyone :)

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  7. Not sure if it counts as an ornament, but I wrapped a gift in a cube made of playing cards.

    (Rubik's Cube was used as a stand in for the package since it was already given.)

    Holy cow, that's awesome!

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  8. *EDIT for double post*
  9. SNC entry : cards dialogue :D

    SNC Entry..
    Just my Imaginary dialogue between one cards to the other.
    In this case between King and Queen.. They talk about their holiday .. LOL
    Please tell me if the pict doesnt appear ..
  10. DSCF0715.jpg DSCF0716.jpg

    By the way the royalty is meant to represent Joseph, Mary, and Jesus.
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  12. Quickly made bell ornament with some Monarch goodness.
    Merry Christmas theory11!
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    Christmas Moose

    Okay so my Christmas Moose decided to take a rocket ship/angel to the North Pole....Or Roswell?
    xmasmoose 011.jpg xmasmoose 013.jpg

    He was smart enough to wear the tinfoil hat to block the mind reading gamma rays!

    xmasmoose 012.jpg

    These two are not for contest because they use two decks but I thought he might want to play some solitaire on the way.
    xmasmoose 014.jpg xmasmoose 015.jpg
  14. SNC Contest Entry

    Hey, T11, this is a cool snow flake that i made. It used 4 cards, and is actually small enough to be a pretty cool ornament. Yes, i did cut all of those cards out. My hand hurts from holding the scissors so long. Anyway, this is my entry, and good luck to everyone else! SNCSnoflake.jpg
  15. Hey all! Alrighty so I jumped in. So I took the Tally Ho titanium edition and cracked open the box.
    I used that as a 3dish floor ground of the Jokers apartment building..yea he lives alone.
    I then made a little fire place in the background and cut a hole open in the box, and shoved a red light from my real christmas tree in that hole. This gives off the illusion that its real fire, and the red light shoots off the fire and casts a shadow across the card box. And then I added two little presents, some hanging pips ( hearts, clubs, diamonds, spades ) and then a cute little christmas tree with the little circle flower on the tally ho's as the "star" . And of course the Joker jumping for joy saying " Tally Ho! It's christmas! " I'am so leaving this on my tree :)

    I added the pics as are the links to them aswell. ( 3 pics )

    Happy Christmas and holidays guys! <3

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  16. Here's my theory11 X-MAS wreath.
    Used about 47 cards.
    And a lot of tape.
    Nothing else...
    (Clic the pic to enlarge)

  17. My family tree topper this year is a mix off both of my favorite things. Playing cards and snap back hats. As you can see this is a custom made hat that I made. Even after Christmas I will have a pretty beast hat to wear out in public and wont have to worry about walking into someone with the same thing.


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