Saturday Night Contest - New Year Resolutions (2)


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Jul 23, 2007
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Last week, we challenged each and every member of this community to two things: to come up with a goal of something to complete or achieve this year, and to come up with a goal of something to complete or achieve this WEEK. The latter of which is the topic of discussion tonight. Tonight, we see if you achieved your results.

Some of you challenged yourselves to learn the Pandora Cut, the muscle pass, the classic force, a new coin routine, or even to get your first paid, working gig. Some of these goals were very ambitious. You set the bar very high for things to learn, achieve, or complete. Tonight, we find out what happened.

For everyone that posted a goal for yourself last week, please respond to THIS thread on or before 11:00pm EST tonight and show us, or tell us, what resulted. Did you learn Pandora? If so, prove it! Did you get that first paid gig? Tell us about it. Did you perform to 7 spectators in 7 days? How did they react? We want the details.

Based on your responses tonight, we will decide the winner - one person who will win an uncut sheet of DeckONE and Smoke & Mirrors v5 (blue). In order to determine the winner, please tell us what your goal was for this week (specifically) - and if you achieved it in whole or in part. The more details, the better - and it's much better to show us than to tell us (especially if your goal was to learn a new trick, routine, or flourish).

Very excited to see your results and proud of all we have accomplished collectively this past week!
Dec 20, 2009
Mumbai, India
Last Saturday, I posted this

I do this sometimes although I give myself a month to achieve 3-4 things. Anyway, Here are my goals

This week - Practice Jay Sankey's effect 'Reinactment'. (This includes scripting, adjusting the handling etc) Honestly, I think might take longer than a week. But I'll do my best. I've also decided to get a little bit more into flourishing, I like the utility moves and things like TG deck flip and some packet spins and stuffs, but I don't really know any cuts to apply them to, so I think I'll start by practicing the Butterfly cut. I hope to complete atleast one of these two things.

This year - All this stuff

Thats it

- Jenai

One week later, Here I am. The cut and effect aren't perfect but as the quote in my signature says.

"Nothing would be done at all, if a man waited till he could do it so well that no one could find fault with it.

With that said, here are the videos.

I still have alot of work to do, but this is my progress so far. Good luck to everyone else, I hope all of you enjoy whats left of the weekend.

PS - My goal for next week is to practice these two things even more!

- Jenai


May 3, 2009
ok i will describe my goeal briefly and in here i want to appologize for my english.

PART TWO: For this year i would like to work more on actual working routines, effects and pattern. By this i mean create a small cardistry/magic portfolio by making my small website to have a promotional place in wich somone find me and hire me. This one is releted with my plan on moving to Paris for studies where i would like to work as magician but still learning and if its possible become a student of somone who really knows somthing about magic such us Dominique Duvivier or Bébel. My second goal is wich is polish cardistry and magic secret project and i would like to work on it much this year and if its possible collaborate with t11.

For this week i would like to start making my first year goal and create my take on 3 classic magic routines. For now on my mind pops Invisible Palm routine, ACR, maybe sandwich routine. I will sellect 3 and make movies of performance. To go further one i will perform in english, one in french and one in polish, is that sounds good?

ok so if You guys have any sugestions/questions let me know :)

First part: my handling on Invisible Palm Routine in English -
So i know i do have flash there but i'm still practicing this one. Also i would like to sorry for my ugly english.

Second: Ma version de la Carte Ambitieuse
So i performed that in French however im sure Youll understand it. I know that my perfrormace wasnt perfect but ive performed that to some people ceveral times and got awsome reactions. Espetially in moment when you see that card rise in side of deck. I love this motive! (Who i should credit? btw) Aussi je veux excuser si jai fait certain fautes linguistiques.

Third: My Pen routine. Thats what im most proud of.
The third routine that i promised i decided to do maybe not that classic but nice visual routine highly inspierd by Michael Feldman. I resign of doing it in Polish couse noone here would understand and i find out that mimic style here would be grat. So here it is.

T11 thanks for motivating me to do some job this week couse its hard time now in studies and you always have excuse like : learning:(. My weekly resolution was highly linked to resolution for this year and i know i need to remake those routines to make my portfolio however, Ive tried my best and i hope you all like it.

Jan 31, 2010
My goal was to be able to deal seconds, bottoms, and tops smoothly from a single grip.


Could use improvement, but a good start I think.
Goal 1: Create and demonstrate a way to do one phase of an oil and water plot with four cards in one hand, no extra cards or gaffs, and without any sort of card flourish.
Goal 2: Hopefully meet one of my biggest influences, Eric Jones, at a lecture or convention. I would also like to develop a reputation for incredible dinner entertainment in whichever city I attend college.

I was able to create the face up oil and water move by modifying a move by Brother John Hamman. I think that it works beautifully, and earlier today I showed it to Jim Holmes and Harry Monti. I also showed it to Randy Kalin, the president of S.A.M assembly 8 in St. Louis, and they all seemed impressed with it. I am very proud of it, and I hope you enjoy it.

The last phase is what I devised. :


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Aug 3, 2010
Dominican Republic
My goal for the week was to learn a classic trick and a visual one so I found "Incauto Tramposo by Pepe Carroll" and "Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii" and this videos are my try.. (btw sorry about the quality it was filmed using my webcam and my phone)

Incauto Tramposo by Pepe Carroll (this video has subtitles in spanish but I guess you can understand what's happening watching the video)

Linking Cigarettes by Akira Fujii

As you can see I need to practice more! but I think I've made my goal 'cause I fooled everyone with those tricks, but I guess I need more time, maybe another week or a month to fool a magician.
Thanks and sorry about my english!
Jun 26, 2010
Ok. So, I accomplished my goal of getting everything together and filming my invention! It's called air assault, and it's a modernized/re-imagination of the card sword effect, with a twist ending. I submitted it for a trick, which was my goal for the week!. I don't know if I can post the video, but I'm sure T11 can validate that I submitted it. It was fun! I don't know if I can post the video
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Jan 9, 2011
My goal was to learn madonna 2 and become a contributing member to the forum I also planned to learn Alchemy but due to financial troubles couldn't buy it :(. As I have school revision to do I didn't have much time but what I did I gave it my all here is my madonna 2 video. Made it an hour ago it's 3AM here.
As for this wonderful forum I am hooked I love the site I look at all the new threads when I'm not revising and try to comment relevantly as much as possible I started a thread which was more self beneficial than for the community and so because of the guilt of that monstrosity [asking about shipping tax in the UK] I created a review for the sentinel deck I hope it is informative as I made it quickly as I had to make my madonna video too. Check it out here.
That's it thanks for inspiring me to strive harder this week I hope to do so every week from now on and improve my skills. It has been good to join this site and it offers an enjoyable destraction from my revision [for school and magic/cardistry].

Thank you yet again, Jasha
Wonderful inspirations everyone! These are some pretty cool reads. Keep it up! I'm not in any way participating in this SNC, but I did want to say that I do have one major goal this year and that is to get something of mine published. Be it a custom deck, a collection of my notes and essays, a lecture, an effect, something.
Oct 13, 2007
Hello everyone! For this week, I stated on my last week's thread that I would challenge myself to do the Anaconda...I posted on the thread last Monday that's why I started doing the challenge last Tuesday...& for four days, I think I did pretty well...I didn't even expected that I would learn to do a good Anaconda just because of this, for that I say, thank you Theory11! Here's the link to my video...I finished the challenge yesterday that's why I had the whole day today editing it, though the quality of the video is not that good. Credits to Bone Ho & The Virts...& to Theory11 for the background tracks!!!
May 7, 2009
So my goal was to take a routine from someone, tweak it, take parts in and out of it that i do and dont like and create my variation. I unfortunately did not find one whole routine that i wanted to do this with, but instead i found several ideas and concepts that i could apply to a plot that i came up with on my own. So even though i did not reach my goal perfectly, i was able to use creativity in creating my own routine, which is a success in its own.

The inspirations i found were from a Helder Guimaraes trick, two concepts explained to me by Helder, a Bill Goodwin idea, and a nice subtlety by Dani DaOrtiz

So without further or due here is my idea
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