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Saturday Night Contest - New Year's Resolutions for 2021!


Director of Operations
Team member
Jun 5, 2009
Charleston, SC
Hey guys, hope everyone is having a great weekend! As 2020 came to a close, we were reminded of everything we have done over the past year and where it has gotten us heading into the new year. It's a year that has certainly not been like any other, but in the bad we can hopefully find some good. It's always exciting to begin a new year, so first and foremost, happy new year from all of us at theory11!

We want to know - in your own words - what you feel you have accomplished over this last year (2020) in magic and / or cardistry. Some of you may have performed your first professional show virtually online, others may have come up with a cool idea or concept that found its way into your repertoire, or maybe you just discovered the art during the pandemic lockdowns and want to share how it's impacted your life. The contest tonight is simple - tell us about it.

In addition, we want to know what your resolutions are for this next year - 2021. What are your goals? What would you like to see yourself accomplish in magic and / or cardistry over the coming year? We want to hear about it!

Because this is a written contest, everyone of you is free to participate. Submissions should be posted as responses to this thread - and all entries must be in by tomorrow, Sunday, January 3rd at 11:00pm EST for judging. We will review the posts and announce the winner (selected at random) once time is up. Note that submissions can vary in length - but are limited to 500 words, maximum.

The winner takes home 1,000 Elite Member Points, a deck of Gold Artisans, and 6 Decks of your choice (they have to currently be in stock).

We look forward to reading through all of your accomplishments, aspirations, thoughts, and goals!
Nov 5, 2013
Personally, I got into some cardistry with the "Flick" trick on here after winning the Mailchimps summer edition deck from the holiday wheel. My resolution is to advance my cardistry to where I can do random things(holding my credit card out and flicking it into my hand for example) in public at will. Maybe I'll dazzle poker players once the pandemic is over and we can socialize more. The pandemic has given me more time to learn the art of cardistry and I look forward to blow some minds!


Elite Member
Mar 3, 2012
This last year I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about the theory side and performance nuance of magic. Particularly how it can apply to many other things in life like storytelling and video. I think the logical thinking behind magic can be applied to much lateral thinking and problem solving in life.

So my news years resolution is to try to incorporate those elements into other areas that aren’t ostensibly magic focused, but to bring some surprise and delight into those other disciplines.


Elite Member
Nov 1, 2009
New Jersey
I think the best part of 2020 was to be able to connect virtually with other magicians. I've become friends with a number of people that I really didn't know that well before this year. They have inspired me to explore both iterations of the Princess Card (or Prince's Card) trick and their progeny, learn a bunch of packet tricks, rework some effects from the Jinx (including finding a really nice alcoholic beverage called the Zipper), recreate the precursors to Vernon's Triumph (as well as learning several variations), do the best virtual bill in orange ever, be completely scammed by an effect were the entire audience was in on it except me, attempt to develop a virtual Do as I Do and learn lots of other new magic.

For 2021, I want to start off by perfecting several effects from Marlo's Arcade Dreams (including his ball vase routine, his version of the magic block and his Okito box routine). Then it is onto my workshop to build a servante (for my cups and balls routine) and a faked mailbox (for a Jim Steinmeyer routine). Then it is putting the work into finalizing my Cups & Balls, Linking Rings, Billard Balls and Needle Swallowing routines (after putting too much thought int them, i.e. procrastinating, for too many years). After I've done that, I'm taking my parlor show and performing it... I don't know exactly where, but I've got some ideas. Along the way, I've got a bunch of books to read and I'm looking forward to hanging out with all of you on the forums.

I'm wishing everyone a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
Aug 4, 2020
Bayville, NJ
2020 was a very unique year with lots of challenges, but it was also a year where I discovered my love for magic again. I remember growing up and seeing such masters as Doug Henning on the muppet show or watching David Copperfield’s TV specials. I got my magic kit for one Christmas. I thought I was the best with my wand with paper flower inside or the coin switcher and the finger guillotine. But like all things life came and had to put my toys and dreams on hold. While in the Navy I found magic again, but this time It was in books. Reading the history of Houdini and the art of his escapes. More life passed by and then came 2020 and the lockdown. I discovered magic once more in my life. Dusted off the books of 13 Steps and broke out the Royal Road to Card Magic. I discovered my love and passion for an art I put away a long time ago. 2020 was a year of rediscovery and learning. My resolution for 2021 is to continue to practice this art form. I also want to start a nonprofit to help disabled veterans discover magic. I want to perform for them and engage with them and share my love for this art form and also try to teach any who want learn. In the military there is comradery and also in the magic community. I want to join these passions of mine to form something for all to enjoy. Here is to a great year, Cheers.
May 13, 2020
Back in March, when I thought there was a real possibility I would be shut in for the entirety of summer, I went on YouTube with the intention of teaching myself a handful of card tricks to entertain my kids and impress my colleagues whenever I went back to work. What happened next was I dove headfirst down the rabbit hole, to the point where I’m not allowed to even say the word “magic” in front of my wife. I made all the classic beginner mistakes (buying tricks because they looked cool, trying to learn off YouTube, etc.) but I also got some great advice here, read 7 books (give or take) and totally blew a double lift in front of my Dad that I was sure I sufficiently rehearsed and lived to talk about it.

My main goal for 2021 is to refine what I’ve learned so far, and focus on performing when and where I can. I got tasked for a deployment to the Middle East for 6 months in March, so I’m hoping to take advantage of the time I’m separated from my family to practice, practice, practice and perform in front of unfamiliar audiences.

I wish all of you a happy and healthy new year!


Elite Member
Jan 20, 2013
My New Year Resolution is to get back into Cardistry but only in the 2nd half of 2021. A lot happened with 2020 and Covid. It was The Darkest Year of My Life that left some Scars . These scars take work and time to heal. Sadly that means hobbies like Cardistry need to go on a break. So once I'm done with clearing up the Mess that was created due to 2020. I want to get back into Cardistry
Nov 27, 2020
I have randomly picked up decks of cards over the last decade and tossed them in a cabinet or box, this passed year I've turned a habit into a hobby. I once thought only Bicycle made playing cards, now I have Login's for a dozen playing card sites, and have backed 3 projects in the first month that I discovered kickstarter has playing cards. I'm on r/playingcards daily, deckin'@ frequently, I've subscribed to my very first youtube channels and have recently been up at 5am(ish) watching J.R. of KWP work on his new deck and asking him questions about designing. I've downloaded G.I.M.P. (slowly learning), returning a few items to pick up a drawing tablet, working towards getting Photoshop. Totally just discovered cardistry is a word, or better yet, an art. My family and I have barely left the house in the passed year, yet I spent 6 hours, driving to 5 different Target's looking for a da#n pack of cards on New Years Day getting to the first one when they open 75 minutes from home, hoping for a little glimmer of gold...but no, I just end up with another box of Provisions, 2 green Monarchs, 1 navy, and a red. Also stopped for a Ledo's pizza, so all is well.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the last year at home with my wife and sons, and occasionally surprising them with cool little card trick, or mind-twerking there brains with a marked deck up my sleeve.

My goals for 2021 are to continue cherishing the forced family time, learn to draw on a pc for the sake of card production, further educate myself on the art of "cards" from every angle possible, and never return to Target, ever.

Happy New Year

Khaleel Olaiky

Elite Member
Aug 31, 2013
2020 for me (like a lot of other people) was really unproductive especially on the magic side, I was trying to just survive it lol.

but I have big hopes for 2021 I have this feeling that it’s gonna be a great year, my main goal this year is to do more jams if it’s possible and safe of course, also I’m planning on something big with my YouTube channel that I’ve been ignoring for years, I will share the project with you guys as soon as it’s ready.

stay safe, passionate and loyal to magic everyone


Elite Member
Jul 22, 2016
So last year, I continued to practice and make excuses not to perform. I stepped away from posting here, as well as social media. I just sat in my selfish dark little world.
Then my dad got sick. Everything changed. He was for the most part healthy. A month later, Boxing day, he passed away. Two years to the day my grandma, his mom, passed.
I've realized time isn't endless, it's not infinite. We aren't here for long. We don't always "have tomorrow" or "next time".
I hope each and everyone of you reaches your goals and continue to improve.
That is my hope for 2021... is success for all of you.
Cheers and stay safe!


Elite Member
Nov 7, 2017
2020 was the year I rediscovered the passion for magic again. I am in Asia, so we had the lock down much earlier and being in Singapore which is pretty much a tiny island, there wasn't much to do except to learn new skills again. 2020 was the year I practiced my sleights and of course entertain my family. The passion is ignited again and the magic brought much laughter and joy to an otherwise gloomy 2020.
Here is a much brighter 2021 for all!
Jan 13, 2017
2020 was a very special year for me. Personal and professional I reached some of the most important milestones in life. Magic and cardistry was sadly put on hold. Although I did learn some cardistry moves which is new for me. I was never particularly fond of cardistry but the feeling when you get everything right is also very special. So in the 2021, I guess I will spend more time to create and learn new cardistry moves.
Best of luck to everybody in the 2021 :)
2020 definitely hit me hard. My mom had a liver transplant and moved in with me so I can care for her plus because of her needing constant care I was released from my job. I've been doing a lot of Youtube videos, I did virtual shows for Yelp, NYU, and a few charities (plus one of the shows I did while traveling so I did it in the back of a car while my friend drove). I released a new magic effect. I also was on a pilot show on A&E performing for a friends venue who has cerebral palsy, the show is about how people with disabilities who run a businesses are doing during the pandemic.

In 2021 I really want to up my social media game, closing in on 1000 subs on Youtube & TikTok. I also want to release more magic effects I have created, getting closer to being on marketplace. I'm doing small here and there touring on the east coast in 2020 and I may resume a bit in 2021, just gets really sketchy sometimes. I really want to get back in tune with who I am as a magician. I was in a really bad relationship for 5 years, I've been in a new a way better relationship for the past year but I feel so distant from everyone in the community. I used to perform the Chicago Magic lounge almost every other weekend yet I've only been to the new location once. Overall I guess what I'm trying to say is I want to be a well known name in this industry and build up to that. I feel a lot of the magic world is toxic in some ways and I just want other magicians or aspiring magicians to know that they can talk to me if they want. It can be magic or just life. I just want everyone to be happy in 2021, you got through 2020 so time to kick butt in 2021 the best way you can. Looking forward to everyone accomplishing their goals this year.


Elite Member
Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
Last year I started off in high hopes with plans of bettering my magic but my spare time quickly became inundated with unexpected changes and a few hardships like many others here I am sure. In truth I was either sick or busy with the changes so I took most of the year off from performing magic and was only able make time for a few magical interactions here and there.

If I accomplished one thing it was making it to December in a better position physically and mentally than I was throughout the previous year. Feeling like I was in a “do or do not” moment I wanted to shake the dust off and change out of my funk so I started to perform a sleight a day on Instagram. It’s a bit cringey at the moment but it works with my hectic schedule. I would like to see what comes out of it by next December! Like maybe I’ll figure out hash browns or instagrams cropping by then....
Happy new year folks!


Elite Member
Nov 2, 2014
In 2020, for obvious reasons, I have performed less than usual, but my performances have been way stronger than in the past. I have been able to understand better what makes a trick better and been able to apply it to my magic.
I also started a newsletter, where I have been able to share my original tricks and ideas, and I'm very proud of it. It gave me a sense of purpose and more joy than I would have thought to have people subscribe and receive good feedback from them.

In 2021 I want to expand my repertoire, especially in the impromptu non-card magic category. I feel like I am proficient with cards, but quite unskilled in a lot of other types of magic, an important one that comes to mind is coin magic.
I also hope to perform more this year. My plan right now is to use the first months of the year to learn new tricks that hopefully I'll be able to perform in the second part of the year.

Happy new year to all of you guys!

Nikolay Karagyozov

Elite Member
Jun 22, 2012
Happy New Year, everyone!

In 2020 I managed to win 3 times the SNC with photos/videos, which makes me proud, that I managed to get a bit more creative. I also happened to get lucky enough to add some sweet decks to my collection.

For the new year, I hope to be able to continue on pushing with the passion that is magic. I hope to be able to put out more material, but not only more, actually - better, as well.

At the end of the day, though, I hope that we are all healthy enough to be able to persue our dreams!

Gabriel Z.

Elite Member
Apr 26, 2013
Happy New Year!!

Let's see, I am still practicing everyday with the cards. I have not won a Saturday Night Contest in a while so that would be a nice start to the new year. I am starting to get back control over my life again. Schizophrenia hit pretty hard back in 2008 or so. I have been going under 2000 calories since October 9th so that is going pretty well. I must have lost at least 20 pounds. I still have a long way to go , but I am pretty sure with determination and will power I can get down to my target weight. I have uploaded a lot of new videos to my YouTube Channel which I think I have been consistent with. So all in all I am proud of my self. Will continue to do my best moving forward.

Good Luck Everyone!!
Aug 16, 2016
Bit of a slow year for me for magic this year, had to really focus on school and my grades. Next year I want to get back into it a bit more and hopefully get my skills back up. I want to keep involving myself in these forums and it’d be sweet to win one of these contests cause my card supplies are almost nonexistent at this point :).
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