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    What’s up everyone? Casey asked me to step in again this weekend, so I get a chance to have fun with the SNC. Tonight’s contest is inspired by our newest release, Vertigo by Rick Lax. In Vertigo, Rick teaches you how to balance a playing card box impossibly far over the end of a deck of cards AND how to balance the deck of cards impossibly far over the edge of the playing card box. If you want to see the effect, click here.

    Vertigo looks impossible because it simply is impossible. Tonight, we ask you to do something similar. Tonight, your mission is to take a single photo. We aren’t talking about any photo, but rather a photo of something impossible. We want you to take a picture of an impossible balancing act. Take a picture of a fork balancing on one tine. A bottle of water balanced sideways on a wall. You leaning forward so far that you should be falling over. The sky is the limit.

    You can do a real balancing act of yourself or an object (or multiple objects) or you can fake it (invisible thread, tape, fishing line, camera tricks, etc.) The important thing is that it looks real and that it is impressive. No Photoshop or other editing is allowed . Camera tricks (a close up with the camera turned funny or anything else like this) are allowed.

    Below I have posted a few links to pictures that would qualify. Use them for inspiration, however you must use an original photo that you take TONIGHT.

    Tonight’s winner (based on the most impressive balancing act photo posted in this thread) will go home with a copy of Vertigo and a six pack of any in-stock playing card from our store to do Vertigo with, shipped on the house. The contest ends at 11:30 PM EST. You have 4 hours.

    Get to work! Let’s see what you can do!

  2. Hey guys!

    Hey guys! This is not my entry, but I thought I would like to share with you a person who can remarkably balance rocks. He lives where I live, beautiful San Diego, California. He showcases his unbelievable act next to the ocean at Seaport Village regularly. Here is a video that demonstrates his unbelievable skills:
  3. Here is my entry, No trick photography, No Photoshop editing, no wires/fishing line/tape/glue or anything like that. Just engineering :D hope you guys like :)
  4. This is my entry.

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  5. I was focusing... really, really hard...

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    This is mine no tape strings and no photo editing

    sorry about the grainy quality ive got a crummy webcam

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    A Balanced Breakfast


    And on One FOOT

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    Stable Currency

  9. A quick one using the tensegrity principle from patrick snowden inspired by gaeton bloom's balancing card:

  10. Look down xD

    I try and try, but I choose the most simple
  11. Balancing Forks

    Heres my entry IMG_1824.jpg
  12. I was going to take a picture of a illusion i made where a can of water balanced on the edge a card, But unfortunately the can tipped over and now my 1000$ dollar camera that i got for birthday is destroyed... and my xbox controller.

    Btw, I really liked yours Chris Wiehl :)

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