Saturday Night Contest - On the Edge

My Entries!

Evening all!

It's been a while since I've participated in a SNC so I'm excited to enter this one. I balanced three playing cards (from Theory11's Propaganda deck) on top of each other.

<image retracted, see album below>


EDIT: eeek! clock says 23:29:25. I've uploaded one as a placeholder; I'd like to upload an album now if you'd be so kind.

EDIT2: Many apologies for not making the deadline. Me being an idiot I didn't calculate the amount of time it would take to upload... goes to show that my perception of time really sucks. The photos were taken before the deadline however, and you can check the EXIF info on the photos if you don't believe me (Actions button > View Exif info).

EDIT3: Rawr!
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Lyle Borders

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Aug 5, 2008
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Here is a message from Rick Lax himself.

Great work, guys. Great work with the legit balances, great work with the ‘trick’ balances, and great work with the ones that walked the line. (I loved the traditional card houses, but they weren’t really ‘impossible.’ Freakin’ difficult? Hell yes. But not impossible. )

Centurion: I’m so sorry about your camera…that’s awful!
And on a similar note: Rneogy: Be careful!

Honorable mention goes to Chris Wiehl’s balanced breakfast. There’s so much good stuff going on. Halfway between a magic trick and a circus act. I love that you’re standing on one foot, too.

But my favorite was texasmagi’s card on coin on finger. Was it the most complicated? No. But it beautifully rides that line of super-unlikely and impossible. And I could see myself performing something like that.

So, again, great work, guys. It’s amazing what you can come up with—such diverse ideas!—in such a short period of time. But I think texasmagi takes this one.

Congrats texasmagi! Shoot me a message and we will get your prize taken care of! As for the rest of you, thanks for participating! This one was loads of fun. There were many amazing entries. See you all next week!


Dec 30, 2009
Too late for the contest.

but here is my pic I took anyway, wish i had remembered the SNC, i found out just a bit too late, oh well, enjoy the pic! for the record, that is the nine ball on the end of the stick, pic was taken with my seriously horrible webcam just because thats all I have.balance.jpg
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